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Experience life in the ocean, and what it truly means to be free.

I am a scuba diver.

The deep blue waters of the ocean is where I feel safe. Even though the tank on my back is my only air source, with about twenty minutes worth of air left, here is where I feel safe. At home.

I am making every breath count, taking everything in.

Little silver fish are swimming past me, the sun making them glisten like freshly cut diamonds as they wriggle their tiny bodies to their next destination.

I breathe.

My breath releasing from my mouth as tiny bubbles, wobbling like jellyfish as they rise to the surface.


Almost like they are taking everything in around them, too.

The water is cool.

My body is trying hard to keep me warm, but still, I could stay down here forever among the thousands of fascinating species surrounding me.

I can hear dolphins nearby, calling to each other.

They are free, the whole ocean is theirs to explore.

I am free.

There is coral beneath me.

A huge coral reef, pink, as pink as my cheeks.

There are tiny fish hiding, peeking their little heads out from underneath the coral, staring at me, like they are wary of my presence.

My air is low now.

As I start to make my way to the surface, softly kicking my flippers, I vow to myself to never forget this experience.

To fill my life with as many experiences like this as possible.

To make every moment count.

To be free, like all of the sea creatures living in the crystal clear blue waters.

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