Who You Truly Are
Who You Truly Are poem stories
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emgardner923 Hi my names Emma I write stuff sometimes
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This is a poem I wrote about friendship and and fake friends. Don’t listen to what they have to say because only the ones who care about you matter.

Who You Truly Are

By @emgardner933

They cannot see Who you truly are

You mean so much to me But they don’t see you as a star

Let them laugh and tease But I know you are worth more

They do as they please And walk right out the door

If they had a friend like you they would understand You are the world and everything it has

To me you’re more than the sea, sun, and sand This bond will always last

Even as memories fade away I’ll keep you in my heart

Because they will not stay But we won’t split apart

When it comes to you and me When u look from afar

You cannot see Who we truly are

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