International Woman’s Day
International Woman’s Day poem stories

emgardner923 Hi my names Emma I write stuff sometimes
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Today is International Woman’s Day. I’m not too proud of rhyming in this poem, but it got my point across. Girls can be just as smart and amazing as a man. But, they don’t need to give up the glitter and heels to do so.

International Woman’s Day

I am a woman I can have the job of a man

I should not be treated like a toy By a man or a boy

I deserve the right to vote I can even be president on that note

But, I can wear a dress or skirt I may run from the dirt

Let me play with my Barbie doll Then I’ll join in a game of football

Because I can be a woman, but also a girly girl There shouldn’t be a difference in this world

It is the year 2020 Can we all agree,

That it is not wrong To wish to be a princess, while also smart and strong

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