Cartoon Crossover Survivor Women's Tournament Match #27
Cartoon Crossover Survivor Women's Tournament Match #27 youtube stories

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Riley J Dennis vs Sandy Cheeks

Cartoon Crossover Survivor Women's Tournament Match #27

"Longhorn" plays as Sandy Cheeks comes out holding a towel over her neck. She marches down the ring with a purpose.

"Alt-Left" plays as Riley comes out with a smug scowl on her face. She enters the ring and gets low to the mat bobbing her shoulder before throwing up some sort of gang symbol.

Riley J Dennis puts Sandy in a headlock.

Daniel Coyote: Nice chinlock, her hands might slip though.

Riley J Dennis delivers 6 sharp elbows to the chest of Sandy as her elbow buries itself in the fur of her opponent.

Sandy gets up and open palm strikes Riley 6 times and adding 2 kicks to the thigh to soften up Riley's leg.

Sandy hits another open palm strike before whipping Riley into the corner and rushing delivering a Corner Knee Strike causing a collision between the kneecap and the nose of Riley

as Riley grabs the back of her neck as it hits the top turnbuckle.

Chris: A little frustration building inside Sandy.

Sandy Cheeks locks in for a Gutwrench

Daniel Coyote: Gutwrench, We haven't seen Sandy have this much of a challenge before.

Chris: But she isn't going to let it stop her.

Sandy performs 2 well executed Gutwrench Suplex tactically landing Riley on her upper back, floating over into a pin 1...2...kick out.

Daniel Coyote: Two! a nice fall in this Semifinal match up.

The two get on their knees and start hitting each other back and forth with forearms as the crowd boos Sandy every time she hits Riley and cheers Riley every time she hits Sandy.

Riley then slaps Sandy in the face. Sandy stares into Riley and forearms her hard sending Riley reeling on the floor a bit. Riley gets up and slaps Sandy again.

Riley then rapid fires hitting 7 forearms smashes to a kneeling Sandy before kicking her across the ring.

Riley gets up and spins around as Sandy stands to her feet and kicks Riley straight in the thigh before setting up for a Falcon Arrow but Riley flips over.

Riley lands on her feet and slaps Sandy before lifting her and hitting Bash The Fash (Fisherman's Buster) as both women roll to opposite ends of the ring.

Riley gets up and breathes heavy as she rolls Sandy to the middle of the ring and lays on top of her for the pin but out of nowhere, Sandy grabs Riley and slips her into a Rear Naked Choke.

Riley tries to fight but passes out.

"Longhorn" plays as Sandy Cheeks rolls out out grabbing her towel placing it over her neck. She marches down the ramp with a purpose.

Daniel Coyote: Sandy Cheeks progresses to the finale.

The fans are thrilled with Sandy as some continue to boo her. Riley is helped up by stage-hands and shakes her head.

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