Cartoon Crossover Survivor Match #3
Cartoon Crossover Survivor Match #3 villainous stories

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Chris and Daniel come out and look at Demencia and Moana. Chris: You two are up.

Cartoon Crossover Survivor Match #3

Chris and Daniel come out and look at Demencia and Moana.

Chris: You two are up.

Demencia (to Moana): Excellent.

Demencia gets a hyped commercial

Demencia: Moana is going to have to accept that I'M going to be the one winning this tournament. It starts with her, I will continue my rise to the top and she can't do anything to stop me.

"This Fire Burns" plays as Demencia shows her impressive ability to skin down the ramp and slide to her knees before going to get up she flashes her teeth and climbs to her feet.

She walks up the steps and does some yoga poses in the corner.

Moana gets a hyped commercial.

Moana: I'm not giving up just because my first opponent is Demencia. I think it actually is more of a reason I need to win this. I'm going to be winning.

"Never Give Up" plays as Moana shadow-boxs when she walks down the ramp before flashing a nice, wide smile.

Moana drops Demencia with a headlock. Demencia fights Moana off before dropping her with a Back-Suplex.

Chris McLean: Don't count Demencia out.

Daniel Coyote: Demencia said she was working on her cardio.

Demencia takes down Moana with four punches. Demencia scoop slams Moana. Demencia delivers a sitting neck-breaker to Moana. Moana kicks out at 1 from a cover.

Demencia hits a Fireman's Carry into a single Knee Gutbuster. Demencia backs up and goes for a Spear but Moana dodges as Demencia hits the top turnbuckle.

Daniel Coyote: Demencia ate the turnbuckle...shoulder first.

Moana drives Demencia to the mat with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Moana goes for a cover 1...2...kick out. Moana punches a downed Demecia 6 times and goes for a cover. 1...2...kick out.

Moana hits a Samoan Drop on Demencia 1...2...kick out. Demencia rolls to the corner as Moana screams in frustration at the crowd before turning around and getting nailed with the Spear. 1...2...


Chris: Demencia moves on!

Demencia enters the locker room as Toy Chica, Paulina, and The Possum cheer for her.

Paulina (to Demencia): Keep clearing out these losers so one of us can make it to the finale.

Midna: Too bad I couldn't face Moana. She looked tough.

Demencia: Haha, it was just a little...

Tigress (to Demencia): You okay.

Demencia grabs her swelling shoulder. Tigress, Blossom, Deo, and Rouge clap as Moana comes into the locker room.

Moana: No applause needed, Demencia did the job. She is the winner.

Demencia is walking away as her shoulder seems to be in really bad shape.

Demencia: Just a work out, a little...a little warm-up

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