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A poem about people and things that go away from you. As always critiques and advice are welcome.

The Traveler

Yes my love you’re voyaging away from me, on to a foreign galaxy, gone on celestial and glowing waters Sailed through starlight-crested peaks so distant

Much like Swans who witness Winter’s creeping, feeling frozen chills warn lake to glass they ruffle, stir a plumage moon-flushed rose and take to skies to search for golden acreage

And, in kind, do anchored ships on shores bleached stare in quaking longing aimed at far waves One day they’ll heed the ocean’s rhythm, leaping pearly sprays to lands uncharted

I know men who will forever wait with eyes towards sky. They mourn all travelers, while quietly they fear their coming journey But I know I need not look high, nor far

For like swans when called by winds of spring, when rays of tender heat send winter fleeing And those ships who’ve seen sights great themselves steered back home by tide’s black swirling

This I know; you will return to me one day

My soul can feel you ever near to me Back you’ll return to pulsing seas that are gilded in a locket of my pining heart There I feel you sailing in the warmest part

I swear it’s kept forever there for you

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