I’ve been thinking about writing a mha fanfic so ummm here it is...
I’ve been thinking about writing a mha fanfic so ummm here it is... 
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My first fanfic for mha! You’re the new student in 1-A excited for your first day!

I’ve been thinking about writing a mha fanfic so ummm here it is...

you walk through the 1-A door feeling excited because you just got randomly picked to be 1-A’s new student! you look around starting to feel a little nervous aizawa: what are you waiting for? Take a seat already.

You look back to an empty seat, confused if were supposed to introduce yourself. Not minding the confusion you walk back to the empty seat. aizawa: well kids, we have a new student as you notice. Be nice to them, they where randomly selected so they might not be as strong as you, be careful.

You noticed he said that while eyeing the boy with the jagged blonde hair. Y/N POV: well, I know to stay away from him... You scan all the kids from around the room. You’re very excited to learn here with all the new different people!

aizawa: Y/N are you paying attention?!? Great it’s your first day, and you’re already slacking off in class. Y/N: ummm I’m sorry sir... aizawa sighs and starts up with the lesson. You try to stay focused so he doesn’t have to ask if you’re paying attention, how embarrassing that was!!!

You make sure you work extra hard in class so you get good grades! Later at lunch a green hair boy and his two friends approach you. You get worried that they are going to pick on you for being weak, but they just sit down.

Deku: hey, welcome to the school!! My name is deku and this is uraraka and Iida!! Y/N: it’s nice to meet you!! My name is Y/N, sorry if I was a little awkward in class I’m really nervous. Uraraka: aww don’t be, I know first days can be a little nerve racking.. but trust me we are all nice here!!

Y/N: all of you?! I get the feel that guy wants to bite my head off. You turn around revealing that bakugo is starring at you intensely. Iida: I assure you as class rep, if he does there will be consequences. 

Uraraka: I’m sure he’s just nervous and wants to be your friend. She says with a jokingly tone. Y/N: hmm maybe I should go talk to him... Deku: I mean kacchan can be a little mean to new people so be careful.

You walk over to bakugo and introduce yourself! Y/N: hey, I’m Y/N it’s nice to meet you! Bakugo: whatever nerd, can’t you see I’m trying to eat. Y/N: ohhh, well then I’ll leave you be then!!

You walk back to your table feeling better knowing he’s not going to kill you at the drop of a hat. Y/N: well I guess that was an experience! Deku: he can be like that, you should see how he acts with Kiri!!

Y/N: why, are they dating!?! Everyone at the table started coughing because what you said took them by surprise. Uraraka: er I don’t think so, they are just really friendly I guess. Deku: I mean they should date.

He said as he nudge you and winked. Everyone laughed at the table excited for their next class!!

Hey guys I’m happy to finish my first chapter of this but idk if I’m gonna continue this story. I just kinda don’t enjoy writing this that much. One chapter was enough for me lol but if you guys want more I’ll continue on it!! Love you all! 💕✨💖

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