could a knight possibly be in love with his servant?

emcraigsCommunity member
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a short poem for the love between king arthur and his sorcerer, merlin.

could a knight possibly be in love with his servant?

by emcraigs

a red-breasted knight and his lionhearted sorcerer

charge towards death in the most unfortunate fashion;

neither of them can forgo the foreboding notion

of the doom that is to come once the dawn breaks.

but when the sun finally settles down

below the lake that lies between the emerald mountains, so shall the knight lie down beside his sorcerer.

and as one hand grasps another – two palms clasped and fingers intertwined – one long sigh carries them into the next dawn, together."

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emcraigsCommunity member
5 months ago
a slight twist on the classic shakespearean sonnet...

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gay lmao (this show made me wanna kms because it was so good and it ended Like That)

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
Great story/poem, an epic perhaps? One must remember that which is presently considered sexual deviancy was only forbidden by the Abrahamic religions of the middle east and its westward spread. Homosexuality was not a problem to the Britons and their Druids, nor the Angles and Saxons who worshiped Odin. The Romans I believe are commonly known to embrace all forms of sexuality. Great poem!!!!!!!