The Sunset Inn [new sim announcement and sign-ups]
The Sunset Inn [new sim announcement and sign-ups] sim stories

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new sim!

The Sunset Inn [new sim announcement and sign-ups]

He had known of the Inn and it's... unusual guests. Of course he had, everyone did. And yet, he couldn't help but be surprised at how breathtakingly terrifying it looked.

Standing at the foot of the grand staircase, he stared up at the daunting portraits and sculptures.

Each and every one of them had a story, and most likely a guest, and by sunrise tomorrow he will know them.

He looked down at the advert that had been cut out of the newspaper. The Inn's mistress should be here waiting for him.

Instead, the house was empty and cold, a paranormal seeming breeze wafting through the house.

"Mister Miller? " The voice made him jump. He whipped around and saw a tall, strong-looking old lady.

She wore a slightly old fashioned dress, the hem brushing the bottom of the floor as opposed to the knee-length dresses most ladies were wearing nowadays.

Her hair was pulled back in an elaborate updo, hidden beneath a matching hat. For an 85-year-old woman, she seemed surprisingly young.

The only tell-tale sign of her age were her hands, shaking slightly. One reached and gently rested on a small skull broach that was attached to the jacket of her dress.

The soft breeze died away. She smiled.

"I'm so happy to make your acquaintance." She paused, slightly, before saying,

"Now, are you ready to tame some ghosts?"

okay so you guys know how my sims work, i dont need to go over it.

i'll put the character sheet in the comments

just some ground rules, though-

the story takes place in the 1950s, so i cant really have anyone lgbtq+ (at least out)

there are ghosts in the story (a significant amount) so they can be anything older than 50s.

im not telling you the plot XP youll have to see

Name: Age: Ghost or Human: Personality: Appearance: (for ghosts) Story of death: Anything else i might miss:

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