Siren Seeking (part 1)
Siren Seeking (part 1) siren stories

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How far would you be willing to go for your lovers obsession?

Siren Seeking (part 1)

He’d always watch his wife in the bath.

The way she elegantly sunk into the water, letting it coax over her,

the way her hair would glide about as soon as it was wet and how content she looked sat in their tub with the room lit by a singular candle.

She’d never complained about him watching her undress and wash, she had gotten used to it by now and it was the only time the silence between them would be truly un-awkward.

Sometimes he would sketch her, lying there, her skin soaked. He would also politely leave the room as soon as she hinted that she wanted to return to land.

They had been married for 2 years now and apart from their time in the bathroom together they both felt distant from each other.

She began to sit up in the bath and watched as her husband smiled at her and then got up to leave the room, but as she trod onto the bathrooms tiled floor, he quickly turned his head back around.

“I’m going to be out tonight, for a good while”

Before she could reply he had ran down the stairs and she heard the door shut. She stood there, water dripping off her whilst she wrapped herself into the warmth of her favourite cotton towel.

He looked like he was about to cry. It was almost as if no matter how hard she tried and how hard she fought to be the women he wanted, she would never quite be his true desire.

But he never told her what he wanted. She would occasionally change her hair colour, he had liked red the most, then blonde and hated the rich brown she had spent a lot of money on.

At least she knew he liked red and blonde. She thought about how he would always lock his office as if there was some kind of secret in there, but maybe he forgot to lock it tonight.

She hoped she could find out something so she could give him exactly what he wanted.

He had worn his thinnest coat, which was a mistake as the wind was crashing into him at fast pace.

He was walking as fast as he could even though he knew he was walking towards a terrible fortune. He would never find what he was looking for.

He had tried countless times but never succeeded, he knew that he would never see her again. Why did it matter so much to him? He had seen her once as a child, but he could never shake that.

His eyes noticed the sea approaching and he felt closer to home, that was always the way with him. He walked onto the beach, the sand began to fill his shoes, blowing all around him.

It was freezing, but for some reason he decided he had more of a chance of finding her if he stripped off and walked into the water.

He started to unbutton his shirt, thankfully the air felt a bit warmer now he was on the beach. All his clothes were off now, it was very late so there was no one else about.

The sea looked like a blanket of darkness, he took a deep breath and strode into the water following the light of the moon for guidance.

She had dried herself off fully now and was wrapped in a soft lilac robe that soothed her skin.

She was by his office door and had been for some while now and for the first time it was unlocked but for some reason she had been struggling to gain the courage to go in and see what was there,

for she had no clue why he was so secretive about his office therefore something terrible could be in there. She closed her eyes, pushed the door and walked in. Open. She couldn’t.

Just open your eyes. Light flickered about slightly as she slowly allowed herself to open her eyes to observe her surroundings.

She gasped and fell to the floor in amazement, never seeing anything quite so strange.

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