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elocin Live a life where joy is a precondition
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When will my reflection show
who I truly aspire to be?


Who is that I see gazing back at me?

Fragmented into smithereens, with tears streaming down her face

I detest the silouhette I see

She's the epitome of weakness

Of paramount negativity

She is inferior and self-pitying

Wailing, saying she has done her best

Finding excuses...fabricating lies to conceal her inner turmoil

I hate her.

She pounds her fist at the mirror, resenting everyone for all the misfortunes and calamities in her life. Her cowardity and self deprecation is unparelled.

The mirror is shattered and all she sees is her broken self

Why do I hate her with such a fervent passion? You may ask...

That's because I know her better than anyone else, I see through her...she is naked, bare and transparent in front of me

Because I am a silent listener to her thoughts...

Because I bear witness to her actions...

Because I instinctively sense every emotion she has

Because...she is me

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