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Jane's and Helen's first fight about the family heirloom.

The Wire-Art-Horrendous- Antique-Thingy

"What is that horrendous thing?" Helen asked. "Hey! It's my family heirloom! It's disrespectful to call it horrendous!" Jane pouts.

"HORRENDOUS! HORRENDOUS!" Tori found her new favorite word.

"Tori!" Helen put her hand covering Tori's mouth. "This wire art was made in the 18th century - Sweden. I could sell it for thousands of dollars. My mom get this from my grandmother." Jane said it confidently.

"It doesn't look that old to be honest.." Helen poked the wire-art-horrendous-antique-thingy. "Who are you to judge my family heirlooms!" Jane is upset now.

"I mean, I am a historian at a museum.." Helen chuckled. Helen and Jane had been dating for two weeks now. They seemed to get along fine, until now.

The wire-art-horrendous-antique-thingy that Jane currently holds on is horse shaped, but the face is a sheep's face and the tail is a rabbit's tail.

"Let me see it.." Helen asked. Jane shrugged, but gave it to Helen. Helen flipped the thing over and laughed so hard. Jane got more upset, she grabbed it back and read the bottom.


And that's the story of how their first fight ended abruptly.

Day 9: The Family Heirloom Words count: 193

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