The Inner Spirit Chapter XXVI. Reggie's Magical Gumdrop

The Inner Spirit
Chapter XXVI.
Reggie's Magical Gumdrop gumdrop stories

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A collaboration with @talestocryover | Reggie and Tom try to find a way to destroy the board, or are they??

The Inner Spirit Chapter XXVI. Reggie's Magical Gumdrop

Reggie and Tom seal the board game with the charm they got from the monks. Reggie insisted that they should go to the temple again, but Tom's roommates had other ideas.

Because they are forcing Tom and Reggie to go with them on a road trip. Reggie grabbed the board and whatever he could wear from Tom's dresser.

They drive to a cabin in the woods without knowing that their path and the sorceress', will cross. And Reggie would become the kind of chemist that he never imagined. They all think this is just some road trip to have some fun.

The cabin is fancy, apparently Brad's parents are very rich. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has a full kitchen, a 72" TV and a recliner sofa, a jacuzzi on the deck.

They will have barbecue for dinner, so the boys are trying to prove to each other who is the best at grilling. Reggie has no interest in doing that, so he wonders around with Tom.

Reggie and Tom suddenly ended up near some other cabin. The cabin looks empty, but they don't want to approach it any closer. Suddenly their charms that the monk gave to them started to shine.

"What is happening now?!" Reggie whispered and grabbed Tom's arms. "I don't know!" Tom whispered back.

Suddenly a book flew out of the cabin into Reggie's hand. They were terrified from what had just happened so they ended up running as fast as they could with the book, away from the cabin.

They looked around that after around half a mile, no one seemed to follow them. They headed back to the cabin and Reggie started to read the book. The book is full of instructions to make charms and potions.

"Hey, Tom.." Reggie nudged Tom. "Look at this, we can make something to be invisible. It's called magical gumdrop." "Really? Can you make it? It surely will be handy for us to have."

"Yeah, I think. Let me try it. It said that if you took the second one it will cancelled the invisibility, so it is safe enough, right?" "Probably.. What do you need?"

"Sugar, cinnamon, jello, gelatin, cloves, ginger and coconut oil. Let's see if the ingredients are available here." They both headed to the kitchen and the pantry. Apparently this cabin has everything, because they can find all these ingredients.

They started to cook it in a pot and after 10 minutes their gumdrops were almost done. They put it in a silicone mold and Reggie read on to some spells from the book. The spells turned the liquids into gumdrops right away. They made around 20 gumdrops, then took it to their bedroom.

"So who will try it out?" Reggie asked. "I'll do it," Tom grabbed the candy and put it on his mouth. Tom slowly fade away.

Reggie was terrified and shocked that this actually worked. Tom’s invisible hand grabbed one more of the gumballs and shoved it into his invisible mouth.

Tom started to appear again in front of Reggie. They both couldn't form words after that. They kept the gumdrops saved in their bags after that and joined the boys for dinner.

After dinner, the boys forced Reggie to join them in the jacuzzi. They dragged Reggie to the jacuzzi, but Tom grabbed Reggie before they forced him inside.

Tom asks Reggie properly if he wants to join the others. Reggie just nods, he wants to have fun for once. So, Reggie ended up being half naked with 4 other men. Tom held Reggie close.

Reggie had never been this close to so many half-naked men at the same time. Of course, his organically grown male part is reacting to this. He whispered to Tom what had happened down there, and Tom laughed so hard.

The boys are wondering what Reggie just told Tom. But, Tom walked out and grabbed two towels instead. Reggie turned around and walked out of the jacuzzi with a towel.

So no one really saw what happened down there. Reggie pretty much wants to stop existing thanks to his organically grown male part. Tom just laughed at him non-stop.

Around 11 pm, everyone was already falling asleep. Suddenly Reggie jumped out of bed. Tom that sleeps next to him woke up as well.

"What happened?" Tom rubbed his eyes. "Grab the gumdrops and locked away the board the the books!" Reggie told Tom. "What?"

"Just do it!" Reggie grabbed his gumdrops and ran out. He feeds the gumdrops to the rest of the boys, then runs back up to Tom. He fed Tom and himself the gumdrops, too. Then Reggie told Tom to be quiet and sit in bed with him.

"Search the cabin!" The sorceress told her henchmen to search the cabin. Her book disappeared and no one knows what happened. This was the closest cabin from hers, so she searched the cabin.

The henchmen looked around the cabin. But find no one, because Reggie feeds the boys the gumdrops. The henchmen go to Reggie's and Tom's bedroom after 10 minutes of looking around.

Both Reggie and Tom tried not to make any sound or move. The henchmen are two big men, one with beards and one have stubbles. The beaded guy walks around next to Tom and the stubbled one close to Reggie.

"No one here.." The bearded guy said. "You think I'm blind?" The stubbled guy stared at the bearded guy. "Come on let's leave.." The bearded guy told the other guy.

As they were leaving Tom, of course, messed it up. He sneezed. The two henchmen look at each other. They went back to the room and looked around for another few minutes.

They finally gave up and they all left the cabin. Reggie and Tom eat another gumdrop and try to find the boys. They find Brad and Jonah within a couple of minutes because they are still asleep.

Leo on the other side, they can't find him on his bed. But when they looked around they found a puddle of water nearby the corner. So they offered the gumdrops to that spot.

An invisible hand grabbed the gumdrop. Leo slowly appears and he is crying also, peeing in his shorts. Reggie and Tom hugged him. "Who are they? And why can't they see me?" Leo sobs.

"Do you want the long version or the short version?" Tom sighed. "Long.. Because this is crazy..." Leo still calmed himself down. "Okay, here we go.." Tom and Reggie sit on the floor next to Leo.

To be continued...

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