ᴅʀᴀᴡ ᴍᴇ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴘʟᴀɴs (ᴘᴀʀᴛ 𝟶𝟻)

            ᴅʀᴀᴡ ᴍᴇ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴘʟᴀɴs
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Mature, LGBTQ, Romance | Jade and Rene hit another wall for their grieving process.

ᴅʀᴀᴡ ᴍᴇ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴘʟᴀɴs (ᴘᴀʀᴛ 𝟶𝟻)

"So how much do you think we need to save?" Rene leaned on Jade's chest. "I can work part time while we are traveling, so a few thousand should be adequate I think?"

"I told my boss today and he's supportive of this but not very happy to lose me. I told him I could do the drafting remotely. He said he'll consider it and talk about it with the other director. But drafting won't give me as much money as being a project architect."

"Maybe you can pick up your camera again and make us famous on Instagram or YouTube?" Jade rubs Rene's head.

Rene used to do travel photography, but she stopped when she started dating Jade. Jade didn't ask her to stop, but ever since they date Rene could not think of anything else but spending time with Jade in the comfort of their home.

Rene had become domesticated after dating Jade. Jade is her everything, so she doesn't even mind retiring her camera.

"Why did you stop anyway? Back then?" Jade looks at Rene.

"Because of you, and not in a bad way. You know, I did the photography before because I was looking to capture something beautiful. I craved to see something beautiful everyday. And this might sound cheesy, but you gave me that everyday, so I just stopped. I don't need to look for more beautiful things because, I have you."

Jade looked at Rene and started crying. Rene holds Jade tightly; she's been like this since they lost their baby. She is like this fragile crystal glass that Rene can't drop.

But the thing is, Rene can't figure out what makes her cries. Like just now, Rene thought that she was being sweet. Yet now her wife is crying next to her.

"Jade, I don't understand this. Why are you crying?" Rene sighs.

Jade stops crying. "Why are you so insensitive?!"

"What did I do wrong, now?" Rene pushes Jade away and stands up. "I really don't get you! I ask you if you want therapy and you said we didn't need it!"

Rene clenched her jaws and walked out of the bedroom. She really doesn't understand what Jade wants.

There were a few times that Rene started second-guessing if being cooped up with Jade in a trailer was a good idea. Jade seems to have had a lot of mood swings after she lost the baby.

It's been seven months since then, and they have built a beautiful new home for them to travel to. Yet, Rene can't stand how fragile Jade's emotions are.

One time, Jade asks Rene to get Chinese takeout for dinner in the morning. But she forgot about it and she cooked pasta after she arrived home from work.

When Rene comes home with the takeout, she throws a fit about how Rene can't appreciate her hard work. Rene slept in her truck that night because she can't stand Jade's mood swings.

They both apologized the next morning. Most of the time, Rene tried to be understanding. But some other times she was just furious with Jade.

She tried to persuade Jade to go to therapy, but she refused.

Rene felt small arms wrapped around her as she poured the wine. Jade whispers she's sorry about what just happened.

Rene started to drink more because of these episodes of mood swings that Jade's experiencing.

"I'll go to therapy, but you'll have to stop drinking.." Jade signs. "Couples therapy?"

"Yes, or I can go on my own if you don't want to. But no more drinking alcohol or leaving me alone, please? I know something is wrong with me ever since we lost the baby. I thought building the tiny house helped me. But I guess I'm wrong."

Rene sighs and pours the wine down to the drain. If Jade wants to try then she has to try too. "Jade, I love you. I'm just tired of this. I'm sorry. I should not start drinking every time this happens because drinking would not solve anything."

"I love you too," Jade tiptoes and kisses Rene's lips. Rene picked Jade up and carry her to their bedroom.

Their first sessions of couples therapy seems surreal for them. The therapist, Dr. Lane is a middle aged woman but still dress attractively.

She seems like a nice and warm person, but Rene and Jade never thought that they would be in this position so early on their marriage. They always think their marriage is great, but that night makes them realize that they need this.

"So, anyone wants to start?" Dr. Lane asked.

Rene grabs Jade's hips and holds her close. "We.." Rene sighs. Why is it so hard for her to say it? "We lost our baby 7 months ago and it affected me,in a bad way," Jade smiles bitterly.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Can you tell me how this affects you, Jade?" Dr. Lane asked again.

"I have a lot of mood swings. Crying and angry without a good reason. And I know I'm hurting Rene," Jade kissed Rene's cheeks gently.

"Then I started drinking. Which hurts her. We want to end these vicious cycles. We love each other but this is hard for us," Rene pulls Jade closer.

"I can see by your body languages that you both are co-dependent. Which means if one of you angry the other will mirror it. It can be good for most marriage but on your case, it's bad. Because you both are mourning in a bad way," Dr. Lane explained.

"So how can we fix this?" Jade asked.

"You have to mourn properly and you can't just fast-track this. I don't want to be too theoretical about this, but I think you probably familiar with the 5 stages of grief? And by coming here you are close to the final edge of depression. You are here because you understand that you both are grieving and trying to move on from that...

... I'm also happy to hear that you both still say you love each other. But I'm afraid there's no quick fix for this. The only suggestion I have is to try to express what you feel verbally So there's no mystery. Mystery can give you misery. Can you tell me what's your last fight was about?" Dr. Lane explained.

"I told her she's beautiful then Jade cried. I'm mad because I'm tired of her moods swings so I poured a glass of wine," Rene explained. "Jade, I really don't understand why were you crying. I know I'm being ridiculously short tempered that night. But I'm scared. We are about to travel just the two of us in a small trailer."

"So what made you sad that night, Jade?" Dr. Lane asked.

"When she said that I'm beautiful.." Jade choked up on her words. "I imagined our baby, the doctor said that it's a baby girl. So I imagined how beautiful she could turn out to be...

... Then I realized that I can't ever see her grow up because my body is so fragile I can't handle carrying her full term. I blamed myself a lot. Rene keep saying I shouldn't but, I can't stop it," Jade wiped her tears.

"Jade, please stop blaming yourself. None of us know what would happen. I can't lose you and you know that," Rene kissed Jade's cheeks.

"I see you both really love each other and that's great. All I can advise is be honest and keep telling each other what's on your mind. You can keep coming here, but you can also take group counseling for grief...

... Because to be honest, your problems are more towards grieving rather than being a couple. Because all your body language shows me that you love each other deeply," Dr. Lane smiles.

"We can do that, can we?" Rene smiles. "I promised I'd try to be better for you. Because I love you so much," Jade kissed Rene's lips. "I'd give up anything in this world for you, Jade," Rene kissed Jade back.

Their one hour is up.

To be continued...

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