The sea and the sailor
The sea and the sailor  sailor stories

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A poem about a young sailor who sails home to his beloved but loses his life in a shipwreck

By: Gabriela Demenet

The sea and the sailor

by Gabriela Demenet

Upon the ocean dark and endless Sailed a glorious ship And on this ship, there was a sailor, Joseph was his name

On the way to see his beloved, A beauty by the name of Elaine Who was waiting for him on the shore

He loved her passionately, and so did she How beautiful this story would have been if it wasn’t a tale of three

Their love was sweet and pure And married they where planning to be As soon as Joseph returns from the sea

But the sea loved Joseph and jealous was she Envying Elaine, thinking: “ A sailor only needs me ”

And so, as the ship was close to its destination A merciless storm and brutal waves Was all it took to make of the noble ship a feeble vessel

And to cause its devastation

Joseph held on to life Thinking of his baby unborn Thinking of Elaine, who is waiting at home

But no matter how hard he tried He let go for the sea Since this is the place a sailor is destined to be

Poor Elaine Still waiting on the shore Waiting for her love, Who will never come home

And while Elaine waited hopelessly The sea, beautiful and cruel maiden Laughed and danced carelessly, Holding Joseph tight in her embrace, Caressed his cold cheek with her dangerous waves

And whispered joyfully in his ear:

“ Now you’re all mine ”

The end

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