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elleseng accidentally poetic, check it out!
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Please read this so you won't be confused when I randomly disappear!!

Please read!

Hi Elle Bells, I have a couple things I need to talk to you about today!

1. Looks like I lost the bet... today is my four-month anniversary and like Sithu predicted, I hit 4000 followers! I'll be working on my poem for her when I get back :)

Thank you all so much for the constant love and support- it means the world to me to know that there are people out there who think I'm special, talented, etc.

This leads me to #2, the surprise! I've created a quiz (link in the comments) about me, in order to try to see which Commafulian knows me best!

Whoever gets the highest score will win three prizes. Bragging rights, a collab or a poem written about them, and... they get to choose what my "reveal" will be.

That's right, I'm doing a "reveal". Since I don't see the point of doing one if nobody cares, there will only be a reveal if this post reaches 500 likes.

I'm not asking for likes, in fact, I honestly don't care if it reaches that number or not. It's up to you all.

3. I'm leaving Commaful for a little bit. I'm going to a wedding, and I'll be back in about 9 days. I'll be checking my DMs during this time, but I probably won't be posting.

CAC may or may not be postponed this week. And the @percyjackson contest results might be coming out later.

So to summarize... go take the quiz in the comments! It's super short, 10 questions!! I'm very interested to see which Commafulian knows me (as a person) best :)

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