Mafia: Round 2! (Game 2)
Mafia: Round 2! (Game 2) mafia stories

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This was... unexpected... to say the least.

Mafia: Round 2! (Game 2)

Hello, folks, and welcome back to Mafia! And I'm honest when I say that this is going to be the most interesting round yet!

It was pitch black. Midnight. Four villagers, all friends, were approaching the ice skating rink. The lights were dim. Suddenly, there was a horrible wail of pain.

One of the friends toppled to the ground. Another immediately leaned over, alarmed, at the friend on the ground.

"Hey, don't touch them!" The third yelled and punched the second in the face.

"I'm not the Mafia!" the second screamed, and the fourth jumped between the two.

"Calm down, everyone!"

"Calm down?!" The third screeched. "One of us is the Mafia!"

"I'm the doctor!" The second tried to reason with the third. "Let me through, to see who it is."

The Mafia watched eagerly as a cry of pain echoed from the doctor.

"It's Chop! Someone slit her throat with an ice skate..."

"I should never have suggested ice skating at night." The fourth murmured inconsolably.

"Help me carry Chop to my office, now! There might be hope still..." The doctor ordered, and the fourth reluctantly played along.

Watched a breath of air puff out from Chop's mouth, knowing that they had failed in their mission to kill her...

How was the Mafia to know that the doctor and the detective would both come with them and Chop to the rink? Surely, the detective would accuse them right now.

The Detective looked thoughtful as they examined Chop. An idea flashed through their head, something surely the Mafia would not expect...

"She's the Mafia..." the Detective whispered.

"Who?" The fourth person exclaimed, confused.

"Chop. It's all a ruse. A clever idea, too."

"Are you sure, detective?" The doctor backed away from Chop, who was sleeping peacefully in the infirmary.

"Yes, I'm positive."

Chop woke up in the town prison. "What's going on?" she thought to herself.

Well, to answer her question, let me summarize tonight's events.

The Mafia attacked Chop, the Doctor healed Chop, and the Detective suspected Chop.

Yeah... this just happened.

See you next time, until then... lock your windows and hope for the best.

See you next time, until then... lock your windows and hope for the best. The Mafia has not been caught.

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