Insomnia Dreams
Insomnia Dreams insomnia stories

elleseng Built a castle from bricks thrown at me.
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If anyone can relate, please leave a comment, I'd appreciate it.

Insomnia Dreams

When I can't sleep, I sing

my lips move but there is no sound

When I can't sleep, I dream

watching movies in my head where I get to choose

what happens at the last page

before I even read the first paragraph

When I can't sleep, I sink

into my environment,

so my breaths are the circadian rhythm of the world

so I am asleep

even when I'm not really

My insomnia dreams

the way I imagine stories in my head when sleep is slow to come...

is part of me

When I was young, I thought other people built worlds in their heads too

I still think they do,

but are they designing these worlds or are they just in them?

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