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A walk down memory lane.

I Remember

I remember the very first poem I wrote on Commaful. I was mesmerized by the format and the images.

I remember the very first comment I got. It was from @await_alive, then @tarocutes, and it said "loved it". She would comment that same "loved it" on many of my next few posts.

I remember the feeling of exhilaration as little notifications popped up every time someone reacted to my first post.

I was sitting on the couch, writing poem after poem, showing them to whoever would read them. I remember sipping hot cocoa while handing my computer over for them to look at.

Every poem, I thought, had the potential to be "the one." I just couldn't stop writing. It was like the dam blocking me for so long had finally opened up.

I remember seeing @hermesofolympus, then @astralphoenix's, interview post, and being inspired to start my own series.

I remember being really nervous but also super excited about interviewing him.

I remember creating my '@elleseng' logo that I use after every post.

I remember the third person I ever followed, @goldenphoenix, then @goldenflame.

I was inspired by them not because of their success number-wise, but because of the presence they had, and still have, on Commaful. Someone people just naturally seemed to gravitate to.

I always hoped to be like that.

I remember being featured on the daily prompt for the first time. It felt like the biggest deal in the entire world.

I remember how I reached 100 followers on the day of my one-month anniversary. That same day, I was featured in a creator spotlight... it was... wow. I remember the chaos that came afterwards.

I remember reaching 200 the next day, than 300, than 400, than 500... all the way up to 700 in a week.

I remember hitting 400 likes on a random post I'd made and being so, so surprised. Imagine how surprised I was then when my posts started hitting 100 overnight, popping up on the trending page?

What was happening? I remember people messaging me to tell me they liked my work. Won't forget that glowy feeling I would feel for hours afterwards.

I remember hitting 1000. That very same night, I won the Hunger Games. I remember how stressed I became, how I couldn't keep up with everything that was going on.

I remember this advice that sticks with me now: "Don't treat Commaful like a job."

I remember CAC, Weird Questions, Mt. Everest, Commaful Relatable Posts, Two Lies and a Truth, Commaful Creator Dictionary, Collage Collab, Phobia Factor, and so many more.

Including a new Percy Jackson Commaleader account I've been approved to create today.

Today, I've hit 3000 followers. To be honest, the numbers don't really have much of an impact on me anymore. It's hard to know where to go from here.

I guess I'll do what I came here for, to keep writing, to keep improving, to keep sharing what I have with the world.

If you made it this far, thanks for revisiting with me on the journey.

All the best, @elleseng

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