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DM me with any letters you might have!

Commaful Advice Column! (CAC)

Hi Commas, we have one letter today to answer for the CAC! Remember to DM me with any letters you might have!

Dear CAC,

I have a friend who's been losing a lot of weight recently, at least 20 pounds. She and I used to look similar but now she's significantly thinner, and doesn't look healthy.

I notice she barely eats. I thought it was just that she was a picky eater at first but now I'm concerned. What should I do?

-concerned friend

Dear Concerned Friend,

There could be different reasons for your friend's weight loss and lack of eating, but consider talking to her about it.

The next time you can talk privately, admit that you are worried about her and have noticed those changes.

Make sure that you share why it concerns you rather than just saying "you are not eating. What's up?" or something. That way, she can tell that it is actually affecting you.

Her reason for not eating could be an eating disorder or general stress from school or work.

You won't know until you ask and then you can decide what the next step is, like suggesting she tell her parents for example.

If she does not want to tell you what is going on, try to be understanding and remind her that she can always talk to you about good and bad things and you won't judge her.

That friend could also be sick and not have shared it yet. That friend if in some kind of treatment might not even be hungry.


That's all for today! If you have a problem you'd like some advice on, you can DM me or leave it in the comments. I'll pass it on to one of our trusted advisors.

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