What Every Girl Wants
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ellechrampanis Community member
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girls every day thoughts about a boy

What Every Girl Wants

I want someone to... -give me the best hugs -talk to me all night long -fall asleep on FaceTime with -want to know every detail about them and vice versus -give me there sweatshirt just cause -love me for who I am -understand that I’m not perfect -let me cry in their shoulder -make fun of me in a cute way -know all my loves/hates

I want someone to... -to compliment me for no reason -show up to my house on bad days -kiss me bc they care -laugh with until it hurts -cuddle with so I’m so comfortable that I fall asleep -study with, but then get nothing done -to listen to music and sing together -have dance parties with

I want someone to... -who I can wear my pajamas to hang out with them -meet and respect my parents -become apart of my crazy family -support me in all that I do -calm me down when I’m upset or angry -AND MOST IMPORTANTLY love me unconditionally and follow through with their promises and be honest

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