The Nightmare
The Nightmare stories

ellbellCommunity member
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This is the nightmare that I have been having a lot lately. It's getti g scarier and scarier each night I don't know what to do

The Nightmare

The car comes quickly

I don't have time to warn my mom.

I feel the lash of the car as the impact comes.

As I open my eyes I see the damage the car has done,

i can’t find my mom.

Then I see her,

blood dripping, cars keep passing.

I keep waving.

They won't stop.

Why won't they stop.

I finally give up and go to her.

She's laying there all bruised up.

I yell her name. She won't answer.

Mom come on don't die on me, your to strong to, mom.

Mom no don't leave me.

But its to late

Her time is don

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