HOPE | P.JM Chapter 01
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2 years ago “I hate my life” I slammed my locker shut, turning around on my heels to look at Jimin who was lazily leaning against his locker that was placed right next to mine.

HOPE | P.JM Chapter 01

2 years ago

“I hate my life” I slammed my locker shut, turning around on my heels to look at Jimin who was lazily leaning against his locker that was placed right next to mine.

“Weren’t you the one all excited about this new school thing ? You’ve been pestering me for half of the summer.

‘Oh Jimin, I’m so excited, Jimin this is like a new life I cannot wait to start,

Jimin- ough” I hit his left arm making him stop talking and reminding me of all the bullshits I’ve been saying for the last 2 months of summer break.

“What was that for crazy ass?” He groaned in pain trying to take his revenge by hitting me on the forehead but I was quick to back away at the right time to avoid his fingers.

“First, that was a pathetic attempt of taking revenge on me, and second, don’t.remind.me.of how.big.of.an.idiot.i.was Park Jimin.

We both know you were as excited as I was” I pointed my finger in front of his eyes provoking him and he tried to bite me. We both started laughing.

“But what changed so much ? It has only been about, what?, 6 months ?” Yeah… Easy for him to talk. Mr. ‘I’m popular and all the girls want to date me’. For me it’s been six months of Hell.

A brand new one, what can I say ?

I can’t easily talk to people as I please without having an anxiety attack and running away as a crazy fucking person AND the amount of shyness I have implanted inside of me is not helping

me AT ALL.

“You know… I was so excited before because I thought that this was my chance to overcome my fear of being seen as ‘that weird girl who’s always alone in the corner of the room’.

But guess I was terribly wrong. I can barely talk to my calassmates, Jimin. I don’t know what to do honestly”

I was thinking about this a lot lately and now it feels pretty good getting it off my chest.

“But you were doing pretty good ? Weren’t you friends with that girl from the history class ? What happened to her?

” He arched his eyebrow looking at me with a curious look plastered on his face. The bright smile from earlier faded away from his face and a seriosus expression took the place.

He was looking at me as if he was anticipating my answer.

“Well, for the first time I didn’t fucked up anything. Let’s just say she didn’t really wanted to be friends with anyone since she was going to transfer to another school.

She just needed someone to “help her” pass some classes. It wasn’t that big of a deal I guess.” My voice faded at the end. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

I looked down at my feet, for some reason I couldn’t look at Jimin anymore.

I heard a tired sigh leaving his lips.

“Hei, let’s see the bright side in this okay ? Maybe she was a bitch for just leaving like that but think about it for a little.

If you didn’t overcome your fear you wouldn’t be friends with her in the first place so you shouldn’t feel scared anymore. You reached you goal it’s just that it was the wrong person.

” His bright smile came back lightening his face. Just seeing him like this made me smile too. He’s right. I should be more confident in myself, what could go wrong after all ? But still…

“It’s pretty easy for you to talk Jimin. You’re already indeed popular meanwhile I’m not so it’s harder for me , you know?” He nodded understanding.

The bell started ringing indicating us that is time for another class to start. I groaned as I hit my forehead on my locker. Damn I hate school so much. Jimin chuckled.

The noisy hallways were now even more noisy as students hurry to their classes.

I stayed there with my forehead glued to the cold metal, looking at the ground until a deep voice caught my attention. Some dude calling for Jimin.

“New friends I see” I said, my voice monotone. I looked at him with the corner of my eyes smirking a little bit. I am happy for him.

“Yeah…” He scratched the back of his head, lifting the corner of his mouth in a faint smile “Anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself from now on. Everything is going to be okey.

You’ll see” He patted my head lifting his backpack on his right shoulder and leaving for his class, abandoning me there.

Soon after Jimin left I took my backpack from the ground and headed towards my class too.

I had to go up to the 3rd floor for my science class.

I hate the teacher tho, he’s like the reincarnation of Hitler but the hallways there are so calmly quiet I just love spending time there, although I can’t really concentrare at the lessons.

I got scolded a lot but it’s worth it.

As the thoughts overtake me and knowing that the hallways are most certainly empty by now, I didn’t bother looking ahead… until I bumped into someone that bad I landed on my butt.

“OMG I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” The girl said in a panicked voice. She sound like she was running a marathon or something.

I got up on my feet looking at the girl I just smashed into, trying to collect all her spread papers. I bent down and helped her to pick up everything that was left.

“I should be sorry, I am the one who didn’t look where I was walking” I told her as I gave her her papers back. “Here you go.

Why were you running like that ?” Curiosity took the best of me as always.

“I just transferred here and I can’t find that fucking science class. Do you know where is it ?” She’s clearly in a rush. She probably doesn’t want to make a bad image from the first day.

“You just passed by... but I have science too so it seems like we will be colleagues from now on.” I smiled kindly at her assuring her that it’s no need to be such in a rush.

She seemed to calm down, good, cause I really tried to give her the most bright and real smile.

“Well then, I’m Somin, Nice to meet you” She smiled back at me and she stretched out her hand to shake so I gladly accepted,

happy that I finally meet someone that doesn’t seems like a completely bitch.

“I’m Mina, Nice to meet you too. Shall we go now ? I don’t think you wanna make a bad impression from the first day right?” I pointed out.

“Oh yeah sure. Hey what about you show me around after this class ?” She’s so bright and friendly.

“Sure I’d love too.” For the first time in six months I didn’t fake my smile. I think I just found myself a new friend. Jimin was right after all… I Hope.

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