21st Century Girl || J.JK - CH 02
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I slowly opened my eyes looking up at the ceiling. I’m shooked, I’m still alive… damn. I moved my head to look at my left but all I can see is a black nightstand. It’s so big I can’t see over it.

21st Century Girl || J.JK - CH 02

I slowly opened my eyes looking up at the ceiling. I’m shooked, I’m still alive… damn.

I moved my head to look at my left but all I can see is a black nightstand. It’s so big I can’t see over it.

I look on my right and I see another nightstand smaller than the other one, with a glass of water on it.

Is it for me ? What is this place after all ? Where the fuck am I ?

I looked at the ceiling again, closing my eyes and sigh. Right as I try to stand up I hear voices coming near my room.

I quickly close my eyes again and act as if I’m still asleep, listening what those people are talking about.

As they entered my room my body tense. Who are those people ? How did I get here ?

“Jeon Jungkook are you out of your fucking mind?” I heard one of them saying. And damn he has a deep ass voice, I’m shivering.

“Why? What’s so wrong ? I once get food for us and you’re scolding me ?” Food ? what food? I can’t smell anything.

“Not when you come home with they still ALIVE dumbass. I was expecting this from Taehyung honestly… I’m disappointed I thought you knew the rules. You showld have let her where you found her.

” I heard the door open and shut back closed.

Rules ? Are they some kind of sect or something ?

Only know my memory hits me. That guy I saw ? I think he brought me here. But where is Mina? God I hope at least she’s okay.

I was about to turn on my back again when I heard the guy sigh. I froze in my place.

I thought they left already. Now I’m scared as fuck.

I felt the mattress crawling under me and a hand touched my arm. I tried so hard not to move.

He brought his lips to my ear, his breath on my neck making me shiver.

“I know you’re not asleep” He whispered making me open my eyes wide in shook.

I rolled on my back looking at him scared. I didn’t say anything I was just waiting for the wrost. How the hell did he know ? I’m so confused my head hurts.

I keep looking at him but he just smiles at me.

“Why so silent?” He said repositioning himself next to me. He’s supporting himself on his right hand looking at me.

“Who are you ? And where am I ?” I asked him more like a whisper. Looking around the room. everything seems old like really old things.

“I’m Jungkook and I can’t really tell you where you are. Hard to explain but you’ll find out later.”He said.

“Now would you mind to explain what were you doing in the middle of the forest all by yourself?” I snapped my head towards him.

“So you really are the one who saved me.” Well nice to meet you sir. I would thank you properly if you would not look at me so … disturbing idk.

“I lost myself from my friend.

Did you see someone else there by any chance? And what were you doing in the middle of the forest all by yourself?” I was dying of curiosity but I know this dude won’t tell me shit.

He’s just hella creept and giving me a bad vibe.

He sigh “I see, you have a lot of question. I regret asking in the first place” He got off of bed going towards the door.

“Excuse me? What? Wouldn’t you if you were in my place?” Ok he’s not only creepy but he’s also annoying as fuck. Great combination. Kill me now please.

“Shut up and follow me. We’ll answer your question later sweetheart. Don’t worry” He opened the door gesturing me to follow him. And I did.

Fuck it what do I have to lose ?

He leads me thru a long ass hallway who reach a big ass room. From the doorframe it looks like a living room.

As we entered the room, another 6 pairs of eyes were looking at us. Right. Exacly what I wanted…

“Who are you?” I asked not knowing who did I exactly asked…

“Who are we? You’re the intruder, who are you? “ This one the one who spoke was a tall one. Why can’t they just tell me their names so I don’t have to name them myself. God they’re so annoying.

“First of all, I’m not an intruder I was kidnapped and second, can’t you just tell me your names for fuck sake. I’m so confused.

I don’t know where the hell I am, what am I doing here and what happened to my best friend.” I raised my voice a little. They step on my nervs.

“Excuse you, No one kidnapped you, I saved you ass. Thank me later” Jungkook said goind to the couch as letting himself fall on it.

“Excuse him, he’s the youngest one. I’m Namjoon” He came in front of me bow and kiss my hand. What ? Where are we? 18th Century ? Can’t they just shake hands ? Weirdos.

Anyway, so the annoying one is Jungkook and the tall one is Namjoon. Who’s next in line ?

“Hello my lady. My name is Jin and I am the oldest and also the most handsome one among all these idiots right here.” He also came and kissed my hand.

This dude has high level of confidence in him. He might also be the most normal one. I think.

“Keep dreaming” Another one came pushing Jin away. “I’m Hoseok. I’m your Hope” He smiled so wide and he has dimples. Oh my god I’m gonna die.

“We are Jimin and Taehyung. Nice to meet you.” So the short and cute one is Jimin and the other one is Taehyung. Got it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I would mix them later. THEY’RE TOO MANY.

“I’m Yoongi and don’t expect me to get up just to greet you. It won’t happen” Grumpy I see.

“Let me guess, the lazy one ?” I asked and they all brust into laugher

“Say it once more and the guys will play football with your head” Okay… scary. Note to myself, don’t disturb Yoongi.

“So… What’s this place?” I asked them for the billion time still looking around once again.

“Did you ever believed in vampires?”

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