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It was around 4:30PM when we left the house. We lost a lot of time to find the backpacka more than prepare them since we always lose a lot of thing. The forest isn’t too far away, just about 15 minutes to walk from our house but we still had to take food with us for my hungry disaster of a friend right here.

21st Century Girl || J.JK - CH 01

It was around 4:30PM when we left the house. We lost a lot of time to find the backpacka more than prepare them since we always lose a lot of thing.

The forest isn’t too far away, just about 15 minutes to walk from our house but we still had to take food with us for my hungry disaster of a friend right here.

Anyway, we have plenty of time to explore since it’s summer and the day is really long. I’m a little afraid that night will catch us there.

I have to admit that this place is really creepy outside of the forest too. I doesn’t seem like that from afar. The place is really quiet too. No birds, no wind,no nothing.

It felt like time has completely stopped.

I felt like I was in one of those movies where a place is too quiet and you know something bad is going to happen. A serial killer or something like that.

Some kind of “the silence before the storm”.

Chills run down my spine at the thought of a serial killer that might hide in there, so close to us. However, Mina’s voice snaps me out of my trance signaling me that we arrived.

“We’re here” she said so slowly that the word came out as a whisper.

I think I got caught too much in my thoughts. It was my idea after all but now I’m not so sure that we should go inside.

I have an odd feeling, like a voice in my head screaming at me not to enter the forest.

Were standing at the edge of the forest, looking up at the giants, green trees.

As I scan the place from left to right making sure no one sees us, my conscience is scolding me on what the actual fuck I was thinking when I suggested something like that.

I din’t wanna be kidnapped by slenderman. To be honest, the only reason why I did that was because I wasn’t expecting Mina to accept something like that.

She was always the more rational one among of us two. The one who always thought of consequences before taking actions.

I looked at her and she was looking at me as if she was questioning herself too.

We sighed in unison as we were now looking straight ahead at the sea of trees standing right in front of us waiting to absorb us into the darkness.

“Shall we say our last goodbye while we still can ? You know… just in case.” I said jokingly trying to erase some of the tension.

I failed miserably as Mina gulped still staring at the dark “wall” in front of us.

“We should, shouldn’t we ? She asked, voice trembling a little bit.

“Well… Thank you for being the best sister from another mother that I ever had”

“Did you had another one before me?” She frowned putting her hand on her chest acting hurt.

“No, that’s why you’re the best.” I winked at her

“I feel offended” She acted hurt once again.

“I just told you that I love. F O C U S” I snapped two fingers in front of her face.

“EXCUSE ME drama queen. I love you too but I don’t really have to say that because if we day tonight, i’m going to haunt you for the rest of my etern life.”

“Don’t worry, you’re not getting rid of me that easy either. We’ll be together even when we’re ghost, right ? That’s a promise.” I hold up my pinky finger for her to lock it.

“Of course. We’re the twins of destruction after all.” She smiled locking her pinky finger with mine.

“Okay then. Let’s go.” I said while I started walking towards the little path indicating us where to step.

She followed me keeping a little bit of distance in between us we won’t trip over each other and cause too much noise.

Even tho the sun was still up by the time we entered the forest, it was still dark as fuck. Those trees were no joke in covering all the day light.

At some point when we walked a little deeper, we had to use our lanterns to see a shit in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find a dead body.

Me being myself I started jumping whenever I heard the smallest dound possible. My brain started messing with me too by creating creepy scenarios of the possibilities we could die in here.

I was so famn scared I just waited for a fucking forester to run after us trying to get us in pieces. I could alreadt imagine both of us running from a criminal with a sword. What ?

I snapped out of my trance for the fifth time that day because something cold… and wet fell o my check.

I looked up realizing it started raining. Huge drops of rain were hitting the round creating a curtain making it impossible for us to see something . We did bring umbrellas either.

We both forgot about the storm that my mom mentioned in her letter.

We hide under a small tree for a while, waiting for the rain to at least slow down for a bit.

But that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon so we decided to run back to the house and come back when we knew the weather is good enough.

Easy to say, hard to do. We put our backpack on our heads, looking down not to trip on something we starter sprinting thru the trees.

I keept running and running until my feet start hurting so bad I had to stop and catch my breath too.

Looking around me after a couple of minutes, I realized I lost Mina. Out of all the things that could happen… God that’s too much.

I started panicking, walking around and yelling her name in hope she’ll pop out of somewhere. But she didn’t and I became desperate and scared. I just wanted to go home. This was a dumb idea.

I’m looking around, going in circles but I can’t see anything. The rain is like a thick curtain. I’m on the verge of fucking crying and my blurred view is not helping me at all.

My legs hurts so bad I just let myself slide down at the bottom of a tree crying my eyes out.

Suddenly I hear steps coming from behinf me so I get up as fast as I can hoping that Mina found me. But when I turned around no one was there.

I looked around hoping to see a silhouette but there was nothing. I shake my head thinking it was just my imagination. As soon as I slid back down I heard the footsteps again.

This time more closer to me. My body was trembling hearing the footsteps come more and more closer.

I closed my eyes expecting to feel some kind of pain but again nothing… not even the footsteps. It seems like they stoped somewhere behind me. I’m so scared to even look up.

I took my heart in my teeth and in a split of a second I got up and turned around but there wasn’t anyone. Tears started falling down my face again.

I don’t know what’s goin on but I can swear i heard things.

I sighed in relief thinking that i wasn’t in danger for now. But just as I thought that, I felt someone stoping right behind me. My body froze. I didn’t had the guts to turn around anymore.

I felt something warm dripping from my neck down to my collarbone. At first I thought it was rain drops but after I touched and looked at my fingers… it was blood.

That’s when I realized the sharp pain on my neck.

When I turned around all I saw was a tall boy around 21 years old with a warm smile plasted on his face, after that, the world goes black, I fell down to the ground.

I felt to pairs of arms holding me up and carrying me god knows where. I didn’t have the energy to care anymore.

I slowly passed out in his arms, hoping that maybe I will be lucky enough to wake up the next morning.

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