Frigörelse -part 2-

              Frigörelse -part 2-

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The second part of my masterpiece..
If you missed the first part please check down ⬇⬇

Frigörelse -part 2-

While Charles was dazzled by the show, a tall man dressed in black costume, wearing a smiley clown mask followed by his gang, were lighting winterlight's city on fire,

the city that Charles bought 15 years ago including its citizens souls The mark of the devil was printed on their soul, there was no escape

Trees were burning to the roots crashing on the ground with that awful sound, citizens running, screaming, clowns were occupying and destroying their homes children crying holding their parent tight, hiding from the inevitable disaster

The inspector noticed that the show was coming to an end, the people of the audience were on their feet applauding

He also notices a thin white rope appearing from behind the stage, shooting straight towards Charles family members -who he had never noticed due to the heavy lighting-, chopping their head off,one by one

Blood run on that fresh grass, The inspector approaches to the screen trying to recognize the faces when BOOM! A head hit the camera so hard that it rolled on the ground,ending up next to what looks like...His wife's head!

The caption to the video was "Welcome to the freak show, inspector..."

Charles jumps off the ground, tripping on the leather carpet, runs towrad the door when he sees out of the window the horrific scene

Stepping outside, trying to run to his black Mercedes when he felt the coldness of a gun pressing on the back of his head

The performers which he was watching earlier appeared from the burning windows of his city houses, including Anne Marie , who has never been dead

The inspector felt the earth cracking beneath his feet. He whispers in a sad shattered voice "James, is that you?"

Standing in front of Charles, unmasking. Yes it was James The sweden boy which Janette was deeply in love with

She used to attend all his performances, where he would put objects on a volunteer from the audience head and throw it with knives Everybody would be so terrified, young and old.. but He never missed a shot

They were planning to get married, have a family , build a future together. One day big fantasy cars appeared in the city of winterlight

Tuxedo mens went out of the cars, started to put marks on every single house... The city was sold including Janette, who never said no to the young inspector's offers, - not unlike Anne Marie-

Money Fortune Lust things James would never afford

He couldn't accept the loss of his beloved one He runs towards Charles house, trying to climb the golden door with his shiny circus shoes

That's when he saw her.. in her fantasy million dollar wedding dress, dancing in his arms to the beat of playground love She sees him turns away like she never knew him...whispering words in her husband's ear

Next morning, the police came to the circus , ordering everybody to leave otherwise they're going to face big consequences, Rushing towards their homes, locking their doors tight, obeying their masters

Except for the performers who got up the stage one by one, standing furiously refusing to get down. The police officer called Charles immediately, he didn't know what to do, his only job was to shut the circus down... or at least that's what he was ordered to do

"Who's responsable for this... this.. freak show?" Asked Charles appearing from behind the police officers holding a huge cigar in his hand "I am!" Replied James

Charles knew him, right away he's the one Janette talked about last night.. saying it was her first love James would be a big thread to him It must be eliminated

"Get him!" Ordered Charles the officers who immediately started running towards the stage James got off his pack of circus knifes and shot them all in their forhead one by one

Charged with anger, the inspector pushed fuel barrels towards the circus and light it up on fire with his golden lighter The citizens of winterlight got out of their windows watching the circus burn to aches, carelessly forgetting that it once made them happy

All of the performers were sill alive on the stage

The inspector ruched towards his car, he was getting toxicated with the smell of fuel.. finding James riding in the back seat, trying to strangle him Charles pushes an alarm botton in his car, soon enought police cars were everywhere..

James was condemned of 15 years of jail, his accusation was absurde, accused of chopping innocent people's heads and making puppets out of them

"A freak show boy, that's what you are" said Charles with a look of despise in his eyes while leaving James behind the bars

"But... but.. how did you get out...all the people there were mine?"

"Except for one!" Said the red-haired man getting off his hat; It was Freddie He followed his family when they joined Charles side. He was too young to decide for himself But tonight he had decided He had decided to make a stand

"You little...." The inspector was getting on his feet to strangle Freddie for his betraye and these were his last words

Throwing the gun on the ground, next to Charles's dead body, James and his friends walked away. Everything was on fire, the whole city

They were whistling the melody of rolling thunder, Anne Marie was dancing in circles in her large flowery jube,

holding hands, while dancing, giggling and turning in circles, jumping around like little kids on the small lakes created by the heavy rain that day . Having the time of their lives after 15 years of separation

throwing their clown masks up in the sky, big smile on James face since forever " Dry tears...At last!" Though Freddie to himself looking at James

Viewing the most beautiful scene ever existed in winterlight city. It was the emancipation their souls were logging for That was the true beauty of the world That was the real joy of life...which can never be bought

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