Frigörelse -part 1-

             Frigörelse    -part 1- crime stories

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A short beautiful story.. do read it! :)

Frigörelse -part 1-

Days were getting heavier in winterlight's city due to a website which keeps on posting horrific mysterious things never seen before

The first post was a picture of a person with completely black eyes looking straight towards the camera with a caption "Did you miss me?"

The citizens of winterlight city noticed this weird picture everywhere, appearing at almost every single website they go through, two wild black eyes staring deep into their soul

Always at 3am, another picture even creepier then the other was posted on the same website; a young woman probably at her early twenties holding a child in her left hand,

looking straight towards something unknown, as if she was trying to hunt it down the caption was "You know I never miss a shot"

The woman in the picture is called Anne Marie; the owner winterlight's circus. When the circus went down, she stayed in it while it was burning to aches , refusing to leave what she called 'home'

Inspector's Charles assistent, Freddie recognized her right away. He was so surprised how unchanged she looks as if the picture was taken yesterday

Freddie rushed to contact the inspector saying that something fishy was happening and they need to watch out

After hearing the whole story, the inspector giggled out loud saying that he doesn't believe in ghosts. Turning his black Mercedes-Benz on Fading through the mist of that cold december night..

Trembling from terror and coldness. Freddie rushes back inside of his house, trying to pull off what's left of his courage, after the loss of his little girl Angey, everything became suspicious to him

" Lord protect us, by your greatness, this town has had enough" Holding his 14 karat gold necklace cross shaped tight

It's 3am. Freddie felt a cold wave of air going from behind his ear to the top of his head like someone was trying to wake him up

Terrified, goosebumps all over his body making his ginger hair stands up. He search for his glasses with shaky trembling hands "No way... but that room is locked" Eyes wild open, he sees light coming out of his dead daughter's room along with circus music

Extreme fear rushed through Freddie's veins as he started to hear giggles of clowns coming out of Angey's room Cold sweat on his wrinkled forehead, his glasses slips down his nose.

He knew he saw it coming

"It's time to face the music....come on Freddie "

Holding a desk's lamp in his hand, crossing the hallway, twitchy feet, instable ground, million thought in his head "could this be happening after all this time?"

Arriving to Angy's bedroom, -after what seemed like a forever- he noticed that his laptop was on with a small pink paper of Angy's

Approaching carefully trying to read what's written on it while looking around the dark room He leans on to read it, hardly throught the sweat on his glasses, it said "He's behind you Freddie"

Turning around so fast that he almost fell on Angy's favorite swivel chair; a man tried to hit him on the head with a baseball bat, but luckily missed and hit Freddie's left leg instead

Runing hardly through the hallway after smashing the lamp on the hooded man's head who tried to attack him again, they apparently wanted him dead

Once in his bedroom he shuts the door tight "oh Jesus help us!" Draging his bleeding leg towards the cellphone

"Inspector... they're here....they're here" whispering with almost an unhearable voice "Freddie? What are you saying..?" checking his clock.. it's 3am

"They know...they've came for me... they're here" The line went dead, screams and smashing sounds can be heard from across the cellphone

3:15 is when Freddie Abner went missing "clueless case, no sign of anything" "I'm sorry inspector .. we'll keep asking around if somebody saw him" "have he contacted you latel..."

"NO!" interrupted Charles "well ok then...we'll keep looking around... we'll keep in touch" , "c'mon boys lets go.. case is closed!"

After the police left, Charles ruches towards the Whiskey, trying to poor his confusion in it "Who would do such horrific thing to Freddie?"

His eyes were rolling all across the living room, searching for potential clues. "Come on Freddie, give me a hint I'm clueless"

Still looking around the house when he glances; Angy's bedroom which has been locked for 9 years... is open? He dashes up the stairs, pushing the door...carefully

Charles notices the broken lamp, he heads towards it and sees Freddie's laptop " That's strange I thought this was in the living room"

Sitting down on the brown leather carpet while opening the laptop He founds the website that Freddie talked to him about The first thing that caught the inspector eye was the title of it

"Frigörelse" a Sweden word which meant 'Emancipation' in English

Going through the pictures trying to catch a clue, hopelessly The inspector comes across a video posted 15 minutes ago before Freddie went missing

Double clicking; the video was on;

Circus music starts playing out of the dark Vision became cleared and clearer as the camera held by unknown person got into what looked like a huge fantasy backyard where a giant circus camp has landed "Oh boy that backyard looks familiar!"

Music became clearer and clearer, it was playground love. Camp curtains raise up, the camera settles down in the back of the circus, where you can see the whole show

The inspector pulled out a gasp as he saw the circus for the first time since 15 years. "The Grand Grimoire, oh how I despite that circus"

His brown eyes were so focused on the screen as he sees the gorgeous Anne Marie jumping happily on the stage holding her long shinny magic stick in her hand

Big huge crowd, dressing really fantasy no children, uppy music of playground love playing from every corner Performers where on stage wearing clown masks

The lights were getting heavier a short red-haired wearing a big red hat covering his face walking hardly on the stage holding his left leg Said through the sparkly microphone "Everybody take your seats please..

the show is about to start"

To be continued..

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