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▫Never trust the ice-cream man 💃

The clown

I was at the hospital, the asylum where my friend was at. Unfortunately he was a schizophrenic and barely recognized me.

I tried to convince him I was a friend, but he wouldn't listen. Giving up, I was only way out when I heard a group of people whispering by the exit.

They spoke quickly in hushed voices, I think it was Spanish. I couldn't understand the entire conversation but "Payaso " I think they said , "Sacerdo" I head a man mutter.

In english that means "clown" and "priest". I figured that had to be funny conversation. Maybe a joke. Hah, no.

I listened to their chatting one of those blue hight chairs, pretending to be on my phone.

Turns out there's an execution for a local murderer in the churche nearby. well, I mean I had nothing to do today...

I was outside, in the hall. I peered in through a nearby window, only to see a clown, facing away from me bounding a chair.

Confused, I watched him until he whipped around to face the side I was standing.

I almost let out a gasp when I realised, it was Needles Kane.

A mentally ill serial killer, who had a fetish for clowns, being that he wore a mask made himself using human body parts, and always drove an ice-cream truck.

He never sold ice cream just allowed the tinkling music fill the still streets as he scanned the area for any unsupsetting victims.

The Ice-cream truck had a freezer but he was known to gut his victims and store them in it rather than keeping ice cream flesh.

He never cared who he was gutting, men, women, children -they were all gutted out like butchers meat.

He'd been caught and was now handcuffed into the wooden chair, awaiting execution.

The priest was mumbling Bible verses while holdies a golden glass of holy water. "May the Lord see you for who you really are. May he expose you for your atrocious sins.

May he burn you for all the crimes you have done, all the blood you have spilled... burn.

BURN! May he burn you for your sins within the fire of hell! with demons you lay! Devil that hides behind the mask of a clown"

And then, just like that, cream and rose colored candles all blew out.

Screams suddenly filled the church as the smell of smoke and fire surrounded the platform.

Shackles being torn apart could be heard before the ripping of flesh and menacing cackling could only be hard but not seen from the front.

The tangy, metallic smell of fresh blood stung my rose. I couldn't see anything and felt all the panicked rushing bodies around me being shredded.

I was blind in the dark , until I saw two lights guiding me. In my hurried saw two lights guiding me. In my hurried state I shiver my way through the bodies, closer.

I was about a meter away, when I realised, those weren't torch lights or candles. They were the glint in the clowns eyes. Staring right at me.

Adrenaline raced through me and I stumbled backwards into the dark of the room. The church was almost silent. I knew it was not from people hiding.

I tripped over a body, feeling sticky red gashing over my hands. I felt sick.

What a massacre of poor innocent people. I managed to unchain the door and felt the sunlight pour over me. I never told the police.

I'm hiding , too afraid he'll find me. I can't go home. I can't go back to the asylum or the church. I can't trust anyone.

I type this as fast as I can, although my sticky hands make it almost impossible.

I don't know what to do, I was the only one that got out.

I hear him again. The unmistakably tinkling of a messy ice cream truck. He knows, he knows where I am.

You have to believe me, never trust an ice-cream man.

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