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A short story about faith and hope, the loss of heaven in exchange for an everlasting fire!


I was complete, four wings stretched for you as an alter, big and omnious, they block the light of the sun as it crosses the way

I still remember our nightsky

It was like a mighty mansion of the stars which then twinkle in elegance, beauty and transience until the dawn outshines them in a graceful manner.

As the night turns away from the sun and from her light, danger in our imagination could await, from the corners of our very minds.

Yet the stars make up a soft blanket, a cover of the calmest of light, which could bring peace to a soul which is performing a rampage.

Night becomes bright once the moon shines, in its fullest posture. Becomes dark once the rainclouds drive near, calling in thunder.

Heaven's gates open in beat with my eye lids, as we stumble in sweet confusion. we can taste air as an ostrich wine.

And the only sounds are angelic choirs joined in mirth. The walls are painted scenes blessed in eternal movement.

I want to run out now, into the fog that sends shivers up my spine

To get lost in the disorienting swirls and swisps of water, and climp up the ice crystals, until I reach the clouds where I'll lie on my back,

under the never ending stars hearing their endless chante, until I'm ready to just fall off

All the constilations, all the names and forms which reveal themselves are but a heavenly spectra for those who are nocturnal

There is no soul with no protector, in the nightsky such would be a bright, piercing star, standing proud, manifest its location is over you

Holding many wonders, the beauty of the night comes with shooting stars, which at times shortly sweep over the heaven before fading

Night became clearer and clearer as our heaven started to fade, as our nightsky began to crumble because of your prideful betrayel

Shadows in the morning mist, phantoms appeared in the flog, echoes can be heard in murky light that bounce around the bog, from the charms in my mind, where darker creatures dwell

I looked into the deep abyss and caught a glimpse of hell

Everything began to dry off, the green colors turned brown, the leaves fell off the trees

Everything was getting dry, the earth cracked, nothing but trunks like skeletons without life, the streams had disappeared, leaving behind only their story beds

There was no sunshine anymore, everything seemed dark, like a winter dawn in the northern regions, but without snow, and the silence of death reigned

Screams of pain would be heard, burns of flames would be felt, burning sulfur would be smelt, but nothing would be seen or visualized due to the everlasting darkness

It was the torment of burning like a livid coal that shattered my soul and drag it to the pits of hell

How light is spent, half my days, in this dark world and wide. And that one talent which is death to hide lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent

My ever lasting wish is for my wings to be fixed, that I could see my lost heaven one more time before my lungs get toxicated by the smoke of my burning rage

I shall embrace my devilish distorted wings and rise from the midst of the stones of fire

One last judgment, on this long lasting journey

A futur dawns dream, draws near. Forgotten by both heaven and hell, is this the region, this the soil, the clime, this the seat

That we must change for heaven, this mournful gloom, for that celestial light?

Farewell happy fields where joy forever dwells, I shall reign in a world so dark that the stars will blind, a craft of heart forms my kingdom,

Take my hand

The love of light is for all to bear

As I shed my last breath!

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