Nostalgic angəl
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ella__posey . Dream🎨
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The happening and the end of a misfortune

Nostalgic angəl

Fill my cup again, After we're hooked and poored off our brains

Fill my cup again, and dance with me till the sun rise till our tears dry and our wounds bloom out of pain

Fill my cup again, I've been logging for life to kiss me on the forehead and tell me I was a good kid

Fill my cup again, with the magic of its fire let it revive my soul, And poor life back into my veins

Where are you to fill my cup again?

I offered heaven with sweet roses

you spelled my name to the demons of your hell They've been knocking on my door all night

I see you

coming out of the obscurity ruching toward the infinity ignoring your fadebility

remember me as the one who never fell for your spell the great who never drank your poison nor believed your lies

You shall remember me as the high one, the forbidden fruit, which you never reached

Fall my love

Burn keep on burning burn again and burn again

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