Don't let me down
Don't let me down  fiona stories

elizabethyoehlets try this one out
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Im calling your name deep inside the me but no answer , sometimes I feel like am missing something , could it be that am this lonely and you far away its in my head that I need you now , right now I need miracle , I keep calling your name but you are not around , I check through these emails but seems you are not awake ,sometimes that makes me wonder whether you are mad at me somehow but I did I do wrong ,i can find any reason for that , I think am really losing my head now , could it be that my phone's notification sound has been muted but I dont think so either .
I look at people in the park in two pairs and all I do is to imagine us but all its ablurry image of you around , I reach to some research when i'm reading from the library and I wonder if I could share all this with , but I again I keep that to myself
Please show up I need a miracle .

Don't let me down

by elizabethyoeh

i need a miracle

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