somewhere in the pacific (part 3)
somewhere in the pacific  romance stories
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somewhere in the pacific (part 3)

"Please, call me Mr. Morris," the second mate smiled, extending a hand to me, "I wouldn't be a gentleman if I let a lady like you sit by your lonesome." I took Morris hand, and he guided me to his table with the other crew members. "Gentlemen, this is Miss Elrod, the one I had mentioned earlier," Morris introduced me.

I looked up at Morris, who pulled out a chair for me beside him. 'He had mentioned me?' I thought as I sat. "H-How do you do," I did my best to sound relaxed, and failed drastically. "This here," Morris pointed to an older man with a long white beard, "Is third mate, he deals safety and such,"

"Name's Henry," the bearded man nodded, and I nodded back in response. He was intense, but I could tell underneath that he was a kind man. "And that's Lucas," Morris pointed to another younger man with circle glasses and noticeable blond hair. "He's fourth engineer, still new to the crew." "Hello," I managed.

Lucas seemed much harder to read, but I noted that he was awfully serious for his age. "And last, our cheif engineer," before Morris could finish the introduction, the chief spoke, "Call me Mr. Anderson," he took my hand and kissed it lightly. "Ah, of course," I responded. He was rather scary, but handsome in his own ways.

"Dont mind him," Morris whispered in my ear, "he likes to think he's all that." I only blushed in response. How did I end up like this?

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