The State of Everything
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What's there to say?

The State of Everything

This is what it is

The dimness

The darkness

The emptiness

The aching void that begs to be filled

The loneliness that springs from your guilt

You can’t run from it

You can’t hide from it

But you can’t wait for it


I often thought that a day will come

Where I find myself safe from harm

No thoughts of delirium, depression, or oppression

Just a heart that’s filled full of optimism

You’d think that there’d be an end to all this

But you’d find that nothing is there but hopelessness

What’s next? I wonder.

There’re so many possibilities

My mind ponders

And my heart pounds harder

It’s scary, it really is

To see nothing out of this jumbled up miss

The rush of blood floods my ears

And I see myself releasing tears

The feeling’s not there

The feeling’s not here

So why do I feel

This immense fear

It’s coming,

It’s lurking

It will draw near

Before it swallows me up

And I’ll just disappear

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