Walls: A Poem for the 2016 Election
A Poem for the 2016 Election hope stories
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Walls: A Poem for the 2016 Election

by elizabethkellar

There's a light at the end of the tunnel

It glistens, beckoning us forth

With small steps we start

Unsure, with half heart

But still the end grows brighter

We take up a brisker pace

We stumble, we rise

There's hope in our eyes

The path becomes more clear

We're running now

Jovial and proud

We're so close

And then the sound

A rumble from behind us

Distant, yet firm

But we chose to ignore it

To make an anecdote of it

There's no way so noise can harm us

We marched on unconcerned

When the ground starts to shake

And the walls start to quake

Dirt and dust rise

Muddying the light

The tunnel begins to cave

We awake in a daze

A wall in our face

Progress now haulted

We're back to the "good ole days"

But there's hope to our story

We won't stop the journey

We know the light still exists

Together we’ll break apart this obstacle

Piece by piece, remove the rubble

Soon the light will start to shine through

There’s a moral we should learn

Be weary of low rumbles

While seeming harmless, they shake up trouble

Don’t let them grow loud enough

To sway the foundation surrounding us

Because then all we're left with is a wall

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