From a Father to His Princess
From a Father to His Princess father stories

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A letter from a father to his daughter as she prepares to face the battles of the world.

From a Father to His Princess

To my little angel,

Oh listen! My dearest daughter, Heed to these words of wisdom Erupting from the unblemished love of a father That he hath for his little angel.

In this ever growing world, Thousand tales of desolation and depression Twirl slyly in the corners Of this colossal labyrinth.

And in this very labyrinth You will fly like a free bird, Painting happy vibrant colors On the canvas of your life.

Let not the shimmer of your curls, decide the shine from within,

Let not the size of your figure, decide that of your heart,

Let not the color of your skin, decide the colors of your life,

Let not the crookedness of your nose, decide the straightness of your character.

Tear apart those garbs of insecurities That the society has clad you in

Break down those shackles of regulations And fly far, far beyond the horizon.

With love, Dad

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