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On a night with clear & starry skies With it’s moon that shines soo bright.

Moon’s Grace

On a night with clear & starry skies

With it’s moon that shines soo bright.

That it caused to shed a light

Upon the dark night and on an opened window

In a house full of critic and sorrow

Near the opened window stands a lonely girl

Who is looking on the clear night skies

With eyes that shines like pearls

She wears a grey dress and was barefooted

And a sad smile she wore like she did it once in a while.

The girl’s right hand reached upon the moon

As if she’s asking something while being attune

She didn’t even know that a tear has sled down to her face

After a minute or two the girl wiped her tears

Gone along the burden and risks that she fears

She hesitated for a moment for the doubt is still on her heart

That if she leaves it may hurt her more than it hurts her before

And possibly caused her more grief and tear her soul apart without a brief

However there is deep desire within herself that she have known

And that is to enjoy life and explore the world unknown

The girl jumped through her window and started to depart

She rushed away from the house with a running start

And the moonlight serves as her guide through the dark

She was laughing with happiness and full of eagerness

For she finally found the missing part that fills her empty heart.

She reached upon a hill which has the full view of the moon

Fireflies started appearing and the girl lay there quietly on the grass beneath it

While thinking of thoughts of great adventure that had made her swoon

Before she drifted to her dreams, a smile graced upon her lips

As she said “Gone the sorrows that I faced within this moon’s grace”

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