A Blessing and A Curse
A Blessing and A Curse short story stories
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"In an abrupt, she heard a faint whisper from behind."

A Blessing and A Curse

The doctors and nurses did their very best, placed the CPR on her chest, as it made an electric shock that transmitted a vibrating sensation throughout her body. But to no avail, it worked not.

It was too late. The cardiac monitor beeped loudly, showed signs of the heart meter drawn high and low in lines, an unstable movement.

In a sudden, the monitor went crazy, lasted for a few seconds. Despair had never left the room, making the aura around them even worse.

Oh how she wished this never happened. But, fate had different plans. She wanted to rewind and turn back time, to just even spend the last time with her.

"Why do you need to go? I am lost without you. You were my last family that I ever had."

The girl spoke to no one in particular, walking by the bay. Her head hung low, gazing at her own shoes. Her eyes were puffy and bloodshot. Tears that stained on her clothing went dry.

Hair was all tangled up, making it hard to comb it back to the way it was.

As she closed her eyes, she inhaled deeply. Her thoughts wandered back onto the reminiscent memory not too long ago.

It flashed before her eyes, invading her mind with a white void. It soon then played.

Sobs and whimpers were left on the girl's lips. Cries and wails were for her best friend. The atmosphere was tense, and full of misery.

As she witnessed the heart-wrenching moment, her last words echoed through her mind, a repetition of itself.

She gripped hardly on the handles at the edges of the bed where her best friend laid upon. An audible sound came from her best friend. She looked at her, eyes full of sadness. Their eyes locked.

Her chest raised and fell fastly that it made the depressed girl more agitated. It meant the girl's time had come, the heavens waited for her.

Her best friend barely breathed, waited for death to come and pick her up. Her eyes and body slowly shut down. Her vision went blurry.

Before she left her girl's side, she made a quick but small smile plastered on her mouth.

While she did this, her friend was breathless and shook her head, holding her best friend's hand as she squeezed it tightly. Her insides were flaming with conflicted emotions.

Desperately desired her to not go. Tears trickled down harshly on her face as well as her best friend's.

She snapped out from her memory lane. It was too much for her. She guessed that would be the most unforgettable incident she ever had in life.

No, one of the worst scenes that she ever saw in her whole life. The others, well it drove her crazy. But that was the last straw.

Everyone who she loved always get crossed from her picture frame, or taken away from her life.

What had she ever done to even deserve that? Her life was all sugar-coated lies until the end.

"Why does everybody else gets a happy ending? Yet here I am, stuck with a damn worthless and sickening ending?!"

She yelled, anger raised together with her voice.

People around stared at her and that gave them the attention due to the scream that startled them. They looked at her as if she was absurd.

But to her, she paid or held no attention about it nonetheless. She sent a malicious and bone chilling glare at them. If looks can kill, it can murder someone right away in a millisecond.

She does not want to deal any more of this furthermore. It irritated her greatly that her mood almost brought out the chaotic side of her.

Gossips were heard here and there, and the folks quickly walked away from the ballistic girl.

She looked directly at the horizon as the sun began to set. She fixed her gaze on the majestic scenery that her eyes had settled at.

Whilst the girl appreciated its beauty, its charm never ceases her to realize the virtue she had learnt amidst her first lifelong awakening voyage.

The world is such a beautiful yet cruel place, and that's even equal to life. Complicated and vague. That is how it is, no other way to reverse things.

Once you enter it, there's no turning back, but to continue on your journey ahead of you. Obstacles and problems may occur, but solutions are the key to pass through it.

As delighted she was by the serene nature, she took a seat on top of one of the huge rocks blocking the pathway of the beach.

"I guess I have to let go of her. People said it's not good to dwell in the past. What is the point of walking forward if you kept on holding back?"

She sighed.

"For now, this is a goodbye. I love you".

A stray tear fell on her cheeks that reminded her of the good times they had spent together.

In an abrupt, she heard a faint whisper from behind.

"I hope to see you again in another life once we meet. I promise that, and I will never forget you, dear."

She turned her head but saw only a white little dove flying in the other direction in the moment she moved.

From afar, a brunette girl with shaggy hair and hazel eyes was smiling as she watched.

"I vow that, fret not, and I will be protecting you as always, Ayka."

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