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eliandrews I'm tired
Autoplay OFF   •   4 months ago
Pardon the language :3

Write that down

There are thoughts inside our head That cannot leave through our mouths So take your god forsaken pen Make it quick and make it count

Spit it out now, write it down Now is not the time to bitch Actually no, go ahead Scream your heart out, scratch your itch

Hey, I swear it's not that hard Don't even think, just go to town It's not about what others say Write that cheesy garbage down

When you're done you'll feel much better Or if you're me, you'll feel much worse But I hope that's not the case You're not as good as me of course

What? You're done? Shit, let me see..

What? You're done? Shit, let me see.. Holy fuck that shit is stupid Some self aware ass cheesy bullshit Your choice of words is fucking putrid

Write that down

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