Inconsistencies of the System
Inconsistencies of the System stories
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elenor_marieCommunity member
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Oh but doesn't it sting when ignorance is proven wrong

Inconsistencies of the System

We are Gods

building up and tearing down the lives once thought to be so precious

But us, the righteous ones, walk free in the life above

consciously oblivious to the deteriorating shadows

The 6 by 8 cell of the mind is punishment enough,

as soundless cries for help go unheard by those unwilling to listen

As our lives carry on, blissfully unaware

their seconds drag like a hand through hardening cement

But some of us are different, walking the fine line between our world and theirs

The agonizing cries of those painfully ignored

echoes through their heads, determined for resolution

Because the blood shed and the tears dried can only be coated in so much sugar before the bitter taste of regret shows through

The scar on our mind screaming that we are justified is lessened by the realization that they are human

This similarity burns through the embedded idea that they are unlike us,

forcing us to realize the unthinkable

We are wrong

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