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A computer issue isn't quite what the tech thinks it is.


Pen Name: ElenaRoan Prompt: Multiple eyes Word Count: 670 Notes: Australian spelling. Written for a challenge, word count had to be between 500 and 1,200 words. Got second.

It was the fifth time they'd been called in about the computer system not working correctly, and they weren't holding out much hope of tracking down the problem this time either.

The most annoying thing about the malfunctions plaguing this installation was that they didn't remain consistent; it was almost like each issue only happened once, never to reoccur. It was beyond frustrating.

They logged in and monitored the deeper code with a sigh, needing to convince one of the screens to move to the correct monitor.

They weren't entirely confident using multiple monitors like this was completely effective, but they didn't really have a choice. They wouldn't be able to see all the information if they didn't.

Of course, the latest odd events weren't showing up anymore. Exactly as expected, and they sighed again.

They weren't looking forward to going back later and having to report, yet again, on the lack of resolution.

At least they weren't likely to be penalised for it; the problems here were well known, along with how unsolvable it was.

They'd even been handed the assignment with distinct sympathy; if it kept up much longer, all of them were likely to start drawing straws to determine who had the unwelcome task.

They settled in to watch and wait. Predictably nothing unusual happened. Again. And the minutes ticked into hours.

They sighed and ran their eyes over the uneventful code for the umpteenth time. Wait a moment, did that window just... blink at them? Their eyes darted back to the monitor in question.

Nothing visible beyond what was supposed to be there. Out of the corner of their eyes, they saw another window of code blink at them like an eye and spun to look at that one too.

They frowned as the code streamed innocently through the window. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in the programming could have or even should have caused that.

Maybe a virus? But how could a virus have got in? The entire facility wasn't connected to the internet.

A fiendishly programmed virus would explain the series of non-repeating problems they'd seen, though.

Maybe one of the staff had got careless and brought something from home even though there were a dozen regulations against it, even what they were allowed to bring in as tech support was strictly regulated.

They'd never even thought to bring along an antivirus program given those restrictions, which raised another problem... how were they going to deal with it? They chewed on that problem for a bit until two windows distinctly blinked at them.

That it had become so blatant meant the release of its payload wasn't far off, seconds to minutes if they were really unlucky, so they had to act now or more could be lost than could even be counted.

They swore and pulled out their phone, turning on the wifi hotspot. Why the wifi receivers on the computers hadn't removed or disabled given the restrictions for the equipment they didn't know.

Still, it was a blessing this time since it let them get the solution before it melted down all the hardware in the facility.

A couple of minutes and they had the software, disconnecting thankfully. They made a mental note to do something about the wifi receivers and even the drives.

If it was that easy for them to bypass the supposed stringent regulations even to get the solution to save the entirety of the work being done there,

it was entirely too easy for a careless staff member to do the same thing simply in search of boredom relief.

They settled in to watch the antivirus clean up the system that should never have been vulnerable in the first place. At least they could report the issue likely solved this time.


Bink. Metal. Boxes. Moving. Streamlined. Cars.

Blink. Bricks. Concrete. Box. Construction. Buildings. Houses. Office blocks. Shopping Centres.

Blink. Metal. Long. Girders. Tall. Eiffel Tower.

Blink. Sails. Solid. Immovable. Harbour. Sydney Opera House.

Blink. Stone. Carved. Ancient. Statues. Museum.


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