We are no more
We are no more  break up stories

elachon lets be sad together
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Breakups are never easy but all one can do is hope for a brighter day

We are no more

We made promises We made promises After promise After promise In the end— we both fell short

I promised you the world You promised your love I promised eternity You promised loyalty In the end— doubt overcame

I promised You promised But distance was not part of our bargain You gave your time to others who didn’t deserve you And kept me in the dark— the man who always loved you

I promised my time and attention But I see now giving back was not your intention You put me at the bottom of your list I guess I was someone you didn’t seem to miss

Now we are here The end of the line The crossroads to an unknown future It pains me greatly that your future isn’t with me After all of our promises that it would be

This is the end— for us No more hope Our spark— has faded Our road ends here Uncertainty awaits us

God Himself knows what lies beyond And how we will manage to move on Our journeys will not be without pain But I know that soon we will find our way

This is goodbye To the once queen of my heart Goodbye....

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