What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of? stories

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What are you afraid of?

by irini.

What happens when you finally getting in that point when your dreams starting to come true..?

Doubts and second thoughts are trying to make you think that maybe that dream you once had and now you are living in is not what you truly wanted.

But it was your dream it was what you were begging and waitting for so patiently.. Now what?Are you happy? Everything you asked for is here.. everything!

And you are afraid to live this new life,this dream. You afraid that something will go wrong and you end up hurt and dissapointed..

you afraid that you are not good enough and you're not gonna make it..

That was always your freakin' character always isolated from everybody always hiding your feelings, your concerns..always afraid of doing that step..

You said once that you are sick of being afraid,tired of being miserable,tired of crying alone..

You were so close of giving up of everything you wanted...and then..everything changed so magically in a day and you were happy,i remember that smile,that girl full of hopes for her future..

With a head full of thoughts and worries about what she's gonna leave behind... about other peoples feelings..

Yes you are sensitive,you care about your family and friends,it was so difficult for you to do it.. But you did it girl..you did the biggest step of all..

And here you are now,maybe it's not exactly what you expected so far but you stopped trying for the better.. I know everything is so new for you and you are so afraid and you're feeling numb..

What are you afraid of in the end?

You came here with one dream,make it happen.. you know you can! You saw it happens once,you know that fear is in your head..get over it once again!

You have nothing to lose..the only thing that you're losing right now is opportunities and happy moments.

So go live your fuckin' dream girl!!

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