Magical creature.
Magical creature. stories
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Magical creature.

by irini.

Drowned by thoughts,in the darkest night of my existence..

Lying on the ground,my only company the warm wind,the trees, this marvellous nightsky and my eternal friend loneliness.

Shadows of my soul dancing around calling me to join in, but I can barely move,i feel numb..rapt in this darkness, feeling nothing but emptiness..ready to close my eyes..

A smooth voice breaks the quietness,an old loving melody..

My eyes are open now..

An outlandish creature standing above me, a little bit scared lies down beside me,not asking anything,just looking at the sky with these glowing eyes..

whispering about life and fear.. hope and pain.. Screaming about love and despair.

It has a permanent smile on its face but I can hear its soul howling like a wounded wolf.. Left alone, drowning on its own solitude..

But still so bright,so kind,so fucking extraordinary! It grabs my hand..i'm crawling..trying to breath.. I'm fighting.. hush...

I'm floating now.. my dancing shadows just standing there fading into the light,stunned from this beautiful creature..

My piece of the rarest brightest light..

The sun burns my face.. ..I can feel.. it's still there holding my hand tightly. My magical creature..

I'm not dreaming...

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