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A small poem about my trip through Hell.


I’ve been to Hell. I’ve seen the sights.

I walked the path along the River Styx, Admiring the hopes and dreams floating in the inky blackness.

I walked around the sulphur geysers, Politely ignoring the smell of course.

I threw a wave towards those paying their price, Pretending the circling vultures aren’t real.

I avoid the cracks along the ground, Hot steam shooting between them.

I walked till I couldn’t walk anymore. Until I reached the skeletal throne.

Upon that throne sat a man, Pale, yet dark, Regal, yet daunting, Charming, yet terrifying.

He took one look at me, His bright eyes piercing mine, Looking directly into my soul.

This man said, “You do not belong here, not yet” And with a toss of his wrist I returned home.

I saw the sights, Yet in Hell I still stand.

Forever bound upon this soil, My soul degrading within.

Clouds of rot within my head, Eating away at any positive thoughts.

For Hell is upon this Earth, Yet Earth is where I remain.

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