Loneliness stories

efflorescencewhite pins and needles in my head
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by efflorescence

Sometimes you feel like you want to disappear

And people seem not to care about that

Your people, the ones you trust

And even if it hurts to see that they don't care

Cut the bad out of your life

You are your own strenght

You are indipendent

You are not alone

And if you ever feel like you are

Then remember that feeling lonely is not being lonely

You are worth a smile, a text, a flower

But people are blind

And so do their hearts

Don't become like them

But show them the real you

Let them know that you are you, and keep your head up

Even if you feel insecure and lost

You will find yourself

And you will love it

So will do other people

Love starts from yourself, from your own heart

Don't be too blind

Just let it come in and invade your space

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