You can always change the outcome
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You can always change the outcome

by eduardolfp

Create an adventure ......start moving

Just feel somehow you are creating an adventure no matter how far you foresee it will take you....just start moving

Enjoy each step of this adventure and ...... keep moving

There is always an opportunity ...... keep moving

there is always an opportunity and a positive experience in each step of the adventure so keep moving

Transmit this positiveness with kidness and....keep doing it

transmit this positiveness with kindness and energy to anyone you meet in your adventure and keep doing it

Transform opportunities in partial goals and.....keep moving

Welcome on board happy and open minded people .. keep doing

Welcome on board happy and open minded people to your adventure and goals and keep doing it

is not easy so always trust yourself and...... keep doing

any adventure is not easy so always trust yourself don ´t be afraid to fail and keep doing

is not easy so generate positive dynamics and.. keep working

any adventure is not easy so stay focused on generating happy and positive atmospheres around you and keep working

your energy , dynamism and positiveness drive the change

suddenly you will see how far your energy, dynamism and positive attitude take you beyond you expected

new process =move+ enjoy+do+work+generate+give back

after all you set up a process where you move,you do, you enjoy, you generate, you work and you give back to change the outcome

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Moral of the story seems to keep on going! Great advice! Often times the hardest part about the journey knocks us off course, but it's so important to keep your eyes on the prize and just keep going! Beautifully written!