WINNERS #1: @badlands17 and @soothrain
WINNERS #1: @badlands17 and @soothrain shoutout stories

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Congratulations to @badlands17 and @soothrain ! Here is the shoutout I promised!

WINNERS #1: @badlands17 and @soothrain

@badlands17 is a 19 years old guy with a incredible talent for writing. He inspires his writing in the singer Halsey and in the composer Tyler Joseph from the band Twenty One Pilots. He joined Commaful 2 months ago and the first poem he posted was “Silence”. BadLands has about 40 poems posted in the community.

He explains that he uses poetry as a way to rationalize his feelings. I am not supposed to give my opinion but his work is just amazingly well done and I love it. BadLands work need to be given more attention. Everything he wrote in amazing. Go give him some love pals and gals! (And some Halsey references).

@soothrain is a 20 years old woman and for some considered “Mother of Commaful”. A really kinda girl, I would say. She joined Commaful 4 months ago and already have alot of fans and followers. She posted about 100 pieces and the first she posted was “My Pal”, a request from her friend.

What inspires @soothrain is the world surrounding her. “People are stories” said her on a interview. “It’s good to observe and listen”. Nature is other things that can spire her writing. I am not supposed to give my opinion but @soothrain is an amazing person with an amazing writing. Give her some love (and pineapple).

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