COLLAB OF THE MONTH ISSUE #1: colors and food
COLLAB OF THE MONTH ISSUE #1: colors and food collab stories

edie_taylor Am I a crazy girl? Maybe 🙄
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Thank you everyone one for participating! This is a competition and a collab with 20 amazing writer! In the last slide there’s a hint for next month. Love ya all!

COLLAB OF THE MONTH ISSUE #1: colors and food

Good morning/ afternoon/ night for everyone. Thank you for participating on the COLLAB OF THE MONTH. And congratulations for everyone who wrote a piece of art or is just reading the pieces. This is just a friendly competition, anyone is best or wrose than anyone. We are all family in Commaful. XOXO, Edie.

WINNERS OF THE 1ST ISSUE Haikai_ “Stellar Love” by @soothrain Poetry_ “Blank Canvas” by @badlands17 Miss/Mister Creativity_ @friedchicken with “Emotional hunger” Discovery of the month_ @pendependent

Monochrome or rainbow colors Burst behind my eyelids Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, black Swirls dots stripes Fascinating delight of art @animekitty1

A kaleidoscope Curtained by my eyelashes My mind pirouettes. @in

Alabaster stars Sage teal flocks, and plum sunrise Still, I'm colorless @friedchicken

Azul, morado Respira en mi alma Luces del alba (Blue, purple/ Breath in my soul/ Lights of dawn) @stevewaldrop

Sky of deep purple Breathe peace to my blue spirit Paint my ebon mood With brushes of bright lilac Until I rest in sea-green sighs @stevewaldrop

Stars illuminate, cosmic curtain falls over me, stuffing me with hues *WINNER* @soothrain

Sand-dollar-colored biscuits And seafoam cupcake filling Amber cocoa, lilac glitter Gulping down bon bon spheres Splash pastel, please, turn sweeter

The dull-stained walls Of my interior *MISS* *CREATIVITY* @friedchicken

Sunrise darkening from goldenrod to ruby no other words to come @mythical_death

Regret in my eyes, milky white pupils striped with crimson Soft feet shiver on contact with the cold concrete Melancholy tears of nostalgia blurry my vision I was once a blank canvas, an immaculate paper sheet

Lust stained hands marked my hips, not giving a fuck about my shaky hands and indecision And so I stand, alone in this street, with a pale body dyed by violence and my innocence gone in a heartbeat *WINNER* @badlands17

Prisms wink at light revealing rainbow rays of celestial waves. @genevieve

Scrumptious apple tree Scrumpted and peeled fresh in the field A delicious yield Crumbled and caramel sea led Here for you if it appeals @jbo

Colours all around. Vibrant, delicious produce. The fruit of my life. @bruvton

The red from your lips suffuse the ground where I stand frozen white in shock staring at the crimson wreck My world is burnt grey Watched the fire die in your eyes

Please, please, please tell me how do I regain colour in my life @floatingheads

You brought me color But then one day you left me Then I realized I don’t need anyone else; I could make my own color @hanniecakes

Blue, yellow, red and pink They all give a small wink Saying "imperfection is beauty Don't sit back and weep Explore yourself to the deep Listen to the colours of your dreams

Coz my mother nature has best box of crayons, indeed" @abstractvt

The vibrance of purple makes the heart leap through the meadows Regal in its beauty of such a powerful nature Lusciously deep and tantalisingly haunting It draws you in to its hidden depths

Showering with treasures of comfort and warmth An imperial colour of majestic glory A rich abundance of velvety splendour @poemsaboutlife

Give me something spicy Like a ghost pepper chip So it’ll open my taste buds While I enjoy a sandwich. I love when my wife cooks a gourmet vegan dish Oh, and always eat organic. @positivyink

Cheesy chunks of crispy crackers, Foodie running around in sneakers, Eating soup... hotdog .. crabs .. ice cream all the same... Well thats pretty lame For the notorious french dame @debadityadutta

I won’t lie, I don’t see colors so bright Like each color have unique tone and shade Not black, not white. The life is overflowing with unlikely tones Like every fruit have own sort.

I don’t see the color’s bright. But I see that shadows. I can see it clear now. @katjushap

My identity is a mixture Of my red blood and your orange sunsets Of your yellow warmth and my green envy Of my blue sadness and your violet peace. But our colors intertwine beautifully

To create a lovely mosaic of us A piece meant to be on exhibit. @weeklybrent

Red Surrounded in paints of red Coloured by her blood An artist can still create *discovery* @pendependent

Seven threats come down Voice from the past raises the guard Choose one to paint with @rosarlei

The ice creams is cold Just as her chocolate eyes Melting single tears @edie_taylor

@animekitty1 @friedchicken @in @stevewaldrop @soothrain @mythical_death @badlands17 @genevieve @jbo @floatingheads

@poemsaboutlife @bruvton @abstractvt @hanniecakes @katjushap @debadityadutta @positivityink @weeklybrent @pendependent @ros

NEXT COLLAB/CONTEST_ April HINT_ “You have to be odd to be number one” ~ Dr. Seuss The question I leave to you… How odd can you get? XOXO, Taylor.

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