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first little poem don't judge me
(actually tryharded)



I fell in love

It sounds cliché but she looks like art, there is nothing that can bring us apart

We're already a long time together, I want her in my life forever

But there comes my handicap, jealousy is around me- like wrapped

Coming in without ringing at the bell, we both know no girl treats you well

She will betray you like all before, at the and you will cry on the floor

It kills me from inside and it hurts, those words are like a curse

But she's a different kind of girl, she opens my eyes and I see a different kind of world

She is the reason I can trust again, want to be with her until I'm an old man

And so the storie of my lovely pain goes on, it won't end because she makes me strong

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edgerflex19 | just call me edger
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@bernardtwindwil wow thanks for that comment, appreciate what you said Like I didn't even mention details but I think you understand what I tried to say with it, keep your stories up too, they are lovely to read

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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She sounds like the right one but don't screw it up by self-fulfilling prophecies. You wrote a beautiful poem. Now cut the paranoia crap and go have yourself a wonderful life with this fine lady. Learn to laugh.

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
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