In love with the thought of you.
In love with the thought of you. unrequited love stories

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Today was the day. A day of uncertainty.

In love with the thought of you.

Today was the day.

A day of uncertainty.

Her heart was telling her, thudding in the depths of the heart she once felt as full, to do the very thing that would keep it from being so.

But she knew, in order to feel her heart as full, in order to stop feeling this way was to admit it.

Similar to addiction she supposed, love is. It can make you feel high, on top of the world, but alas. The second they're gone you feel the lowest of lows.

Cursed to suffer silently as the rest of the world moves on.

Because at the end of the day it will, the world will move on no matter how this goes. The sun will continue to shine, flowers will continue to bloom.

And she, this girl of misfortune, will still be in love.

But alas, all things end. Eventually the sun will combust, the flowers will dwiddle and die, eventually, she supposed her feelings will do the same.

Time heals all.

But in this moment right now, to be here. Gazing into the depths of the eyes that will never know the love she possessed, not in practise at least.

It hurts.

Because this girl, this one irrelevant one in a billion girl is the most beautiful thing her tired eyes had ever had the privilege of observing.

The way her eyes crinkled slightly when her smile reached them. The way she smelted, wrapped around the poor lovesick girl's body as she tried her best to convince her heart to stop pounding.

Heartbreak is a pain no one but yourself can see. To her, this beautifully uncertain girl, love is an uncertain shout into a void of nothingness.

But how she wishes the other would feel differently. In her heart the girl knew, she knew that no matter how much she may feel for her other half, no matter what she may say.

She could, would never feel the same. Not in the way she wanted

But despite this, despite how many nights she cried herself to sleep. She wouldn't change it.

Because to her, thinking about this girl, replaying the memories they only share between the two of them is the closest thing she'll have to being with her.

Because she will do that, continue to think of her, no matter how much it hurts.

So off she set because,

Today would be the day.

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